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Help I need advice re hair colouring please!

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tiggyhop Thu 23-May-13 20:54:34

Please help. I have never dyed my hair and now I think I should but I am too scared to go to the hairdresser. Can I do it at home? Will it be a disaster? I have formerly blonde now mousey brown hair and need to do something! Please help!

BerryBlast Sat 25-May-13 10:34:29

Yes, you can do it at home, it's easy, so don't worry smile
If I were you I would try a a semi permanent first - Nice and Easy do a range that wash out in 7 washes. As these hair colours tend to come out dark I would go for a dark blondeish colour first and then you can see how your hair responds to colouring. Once you feel confident you can try the hair colours that last for 28 washes.
Give it a go !!! You'll be fine

Good Luck !

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