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Hair dye failure - it's turned grey FFS

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Starfighter Thu 23-May-13 20:46:56

Help. Please. and fast.

Have dyed hair using Garnier Nutrisse 111+ Very Light Ash Blonde. I now look like a granny. What the fuck can I do to fix it?

Previously used John Frieda Foam, 9N which gave me a lovely ash blonde colour but not light enough, so when I spotted this one today I thought it looked lovely and bright. Did a strand test, looked nice, whacked it on and now..... it's blonde for sure, but with a distinct grey undertone sad

Help? Can I get the John Frieda again tomorrow and colour it back to what it was? I can't do anything tonight am stuck in a hotel for work, light is shit too so may be not be as bad although i'm sure it is as I think <hopeful>

Someone on here did something similar not long back as I recall....please, please see this and tell me what to do!

barleysugar Thu 23-May-13 20:51:37

I spend a fortune trying to get my golden blonde hair to go this colour!

It sounds like you need to put something yellow or ginger on top like a toner to neutralise the silver. Failing that, a shampoo and conditioner specifically for redheads.

I'm going out tomorrow and buying Garnier Nutrisse 111!

Ashoething Thu 23-May-13 20:54:41

yes it was me and that was the exact shade I used! mine went white rather than grey though.I didnt want to dye mine again as my hair is in really bad condition. I bought the touch of silver shampoo and it really helped it.if you do dye it again then do it with a darker ash.good luck.

Starfighter Thu 23-May-13 20:55:27

no no no barley - I would seriously love it if it was a lovely silvery grey tone, but it's horrid and dirty grey.

Will try getting some redhead shampooey stuff tomorrow, unless something miraculous happens and it looks lovely in natural light.

skislope Thu 23-May-13 20:57:22

This can happen with Ash coloured dye unfortunately, as I've found out a few times myself! :-/ I didn't dye again straight away but I did find that after a few washes it was less grey looking...

Starfighter Thu 23-May-13 20:57:42

Thanks Ashoething, wish I'd stuck with the John frieda one, may not have been very bright but the tone was lovely. I have some touch of silver shampoo (to combat brassiness) but scared to use you think it might make it silvery instead of mucky grey?

Starfighter Thu 23-May-13 20:59:05

Did you wash it a few times straightaway do you mean skislope? or over a few days?

barleysugar Thu 23-May-13 21:05:39

No, don't use Touch of Silver, it will bring out the grey tones, it'll look like a blue rinse on old ladies!

Starfighter Fri 24-May-13 08:44:14

morning. so my hair isn't as Mrs Goggins grey as I thought but it's still not great.

if I use a shampoo/conditioner fir redheads will it go darker? I don't really want darker I just want the grey gone, if it went whiter even I'd be pleased!

Starfighter Fri 24-May-13 08:48:45

a friend suggested 3 part lemon juice and 1 part conditioner mixed and left on hair for about an hour might help?

randgirl Fri 24-May-13 08:50:42

I had a bit of an issue recently, i went for a different dye with more red tones than the normal one, my goodness i looked like Garfield and I hated it. So i just bought a darker colour and redyed it. It was fine, although dh kept telling me that my hair would fall out. Why dont you just redye it with the slightly darker shade.

Starfighter Sun 02-Jun-13 19:51:38

if anyone ever stumbles across this thread looking to repair their grey hair nightmare I used Superdrug own brand (only 3.99 a box) in Lightest Golden Beige Blonde the very next evening and it turned out beautifully, I now have lovely bright blonde hair with a white/silvery shimmer to it. all's well that ends well! n.b. for the record I do not recommend this method to get my eventually lovely colour!

Kirstybu Sun 09-Feb-14 12:45:18

If anyone stumbles across this. I had exactly the same problem. Used the Garnier nutrisse extra light ash blonde and it turned some of my hair light blue yesterday. I have to say there were a few tears.

I'm happy to say that I've now fixed it!!

- I got a big bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup (cheaper brands don't have the same depth of colour)
- I separated out the parts of my hair that had gone blue (didn't want to apply it to the parts of my hair that looked ok)
- I then applied a thick coating of the ketchup to those sections of hair
- After leaving it for two minutes (I was nervous at first that leaving it on too long would cause another problem)
- Then using 'Head and Shoulders' shampoo (not sure that the brand makes a difference) I then thoroughly washed my hair, I was pretty rough with it as panic had set in.
I washed it another two times without getting out of the shower, then conditioned my hair and left that on for a couple of minutes.

- I dried my hair on a low setting to avoid further damage
Once dried it was clear it had improved.

- After another 2 attempts at this I can safely say my hair looks normal now!!

This in total took me about 3 hours ( I have very long hair)
I reckon I might have been lucky as my hair is naturally thick, however damaged it may be. If you have thin hair I'd recommend trying the ketchup for a shorter time in case your hair absorbs too much red tone, and it may take you a couple more washes to sort it.

Can't stress how important it was to apply a THICK coating of ketchup ensuring it got all the way through to the under layers and massaged in to make sure it was getting absorbed

Good luck and don't panic!!!! You can fix this xxxxxx
(I've added a before (after 1 wash) and after (after 3 washes) pic)

lunaticperfect Sun 03-Apr-16 12:56:27

I know this is an old thread but it has my exact prolem. I used Nutrisse 100 ( Camomile Blonde) just likeI always have except this time the box was blue ( new box) and claimes tolighten up to four tionesand to have an anti yellowing effect.

So, I have ended up wit blue tiunged hair which is now growing out and I need a new product. Was thinking of going back to the old Belle Colour I used around five years ago..... but is this also changed in formula?

Need help. My greys are showing and I need to look good next week.

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