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Decent fragrance on the high street?

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DoctorRobert Wed 22-May-13 10:38:53

I want a new perfume. I'm going on holiday and want to wear something new, so when I wear it back home it reminds me of being away.

The problem is budget. I can't really justify spending out on a "proper" perfume atm - I'd say my budget is about £15 tops. I know that places like M&S and Next do fragrance - any recommendations?

I'd like something distinctive. I wear Ghost (the original one) and Flowerbomb if that the past have also loved DKNY Woman (like fruity fragrances) and also JPG Classique.

I'm going to try the solid perfumes in Lush later.

ZaraW Wed 22-May-13 10:57:36

I used to love Zinzibar from The Body Shop always reminded me of holidays not sure if they still sell it as I don't usually wear perfume anymore. Crabtree and Evelyn also do nices ones and I tried the Ginger solid perfume from Lush and was told I smelt of tobacco........

Allthingspretty Wed 22-May-13 12:05:36

Pop in to your local tk maxx and see what perfumes they have. If you jave not smelled them before try and pop in to boots etc and try them and then go and get the perfume you like. They often have well known perfume etc in at good prices.
not much on their website at the moment but worth popping in.

Also worth looking in denenhams at the moment as theu habe some perfumes reduced.

Have you thought about buying a body lotion in a fragrance you like. You get the fragrance and its often cheaper than the perfume?

DoctorRobert Wed 22-May-13 17:41:56

Thanks for the suggestions...I had a look in our provinical tk maxx today but they had very little.

Also tried one of the Lush perfumes which was horrible.

Body lotion not a bad idea, but would prefer an actual fragrance really.

CointreauVersial Wed 22-May-13 18:37:13

A good website for cheap fragrance is (funnily enough) Cheapsmells; for example Gres Cabotine or SJP Lovely.

Try Savers if there is a branch near you; they do lots of inexpensive brands.

The larger M&S stores have a number of fragrance brands (Lyn Harris, Fragonard etc), but they are not mega-cheap.

I'm a fan of Next Just Pink, which is a lovely light fruity-floral, and definitely in your price range.

Or find a Superdrug - they have some good offers; recently on Cacharel (Noa/LouLou etc).

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