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Help! Hair nails and bag for a June clue.

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RhondaJean Tue 21-May-13 22:54:51

DH is an usher at his friends wedding next month.

I am trying not to show him up.

I am wearing this dress,default,pd.html

With gold snakeskin platform shoes. I have a biba gold chain and logo pendant which I think will match.

Problem is, the wedding is on a Sunday and my hairdresser isn't open. I am not prepared to let an unknown quantity loose on my hair! Would rather do it myself. But what to do?

I am 36, 5'6 and an hourglass size 14. I am olive skinned and have long (bra strap length) thick wavy dark hair, in good condition. I will have it trimmed and any grey covered a few days before the wedding.

So what can I do with it? Something reasonably easy. I'm happy to buy hair accessories, I have ghds and a Remington big hair at my disposal.

I am also thinking, gold clutch bag, red nail and toes matched to the dress,and maybe an upper arm cuff? 70s style? But I need help!

EatenByZombies Wed 22-May-13 02:48:56

I think your bag/nails idea sounds fab to match!

I have the same length hair. What I do, that's easy and pretty quick, is to make my hair into a flower;

- Put your hair into a ponytail, either at bun height for a flower bun or low and to the side for a more casual flower (looks better low in my opinion!)
- Split your hair into 5-7 strands. You don't want them too thick or your hair wont stay up but not too thin or you'll have more bobby pins in your hair than is normal! smile
- Take the first, curl it outwards and upwards. Pin it to your head so it's a loop coming out from the hairband.
- Spray with hairspray and curl the remaining length of the strand inside the loop you've made, pinning and spraying until it stays and isn't falling out.
- Repeat for the other strands so that each one comes out at a different angle to make it look like a flower
- Spray with hairspray and/or glitter smile

You can also curl your hair before hand (large ringlets) if you want to make it easier. Doing it with relatively straight hair is a nightmare.
It's a style I've "invented" myself, so I don't have a youtube video but here is a crude drawing of what I mean (done by moi!) grin

Here's some photos from above of my hairstyle, though it's falling out a bit

In this picture, you can see how they stick out a bit better

I've taken a little bit of hair out at the front before putting my hair up, then just twisted and pinned at the back to sweep it off my face (I had a fringe). If you want better photos I can redo it tomorrow and try and get better pics smile As you can (hopefully) see, the loops should stick out from the head with the ends curled inside so that they don't stick out.

The pics are nicked from my facebook so if you can't see them let me know and I'll get new links smile

EatenByZombies Wed 22-May-13 02:50:00

Damn, re-linking for easy access;

Crude drawing;

Photos from above;

Last photo

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