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Hair Disaster

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MooMe Tue 21-May-13 22:01:26

My hair can be described as something between wavy and curly, very very very puffy and frizzy. It's not thick at all- very thin actually. When it's damp (ie- after a shower)- it's nice, and soft, and looks lovely. once it dries up- yuck.
It's long-ish now- comes down past my shoulder blades.
If I straighten it- it looks amazing. Shiny and healthy.
I don't want to straighten or dye it (damage etc) regularly (only straighten, and very very rarely on special occasions- once in 3 months tops).
I've tried everything in every place I could find- not shampooing, not conditioning, shampooing without conditioning, conditioning without shampooing, washing it every day, every other day, once a week, washing with only water, using only herbal-non-sls products, using a special leave-in conditioner, towel-dry, air-dry, Keratin treatment (Brazilian blow dry- what a joke that was...).

NOTHING bloody works.
So to cut a long story short, and for those who can't read between the lines- I hate my hair.
I have to tie it in a ponytail all the time, which is very annoying (and also, when I do tie it in a ponytail, I get lots of frizz on the top of my head, so look like I've been electrocuted).
It came to a point where I thought of shaving it all off and going bald.
I'm that serious.

So help. Please. Enlighten me with that miracle product, that cosmic hair routine that will make me a happy, hairy, bunny.

Thanks! smile

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