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Please recommend gradual self tanning moisturiser

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LeonardWentToTheOffice Tue 21-May-13 12:44:07

Hi there - going away soon (England) hoping for a bit of sun and to wear short sleves etc. I am extremely white. Would prefer gradual rather than a one-go unless you could recommend a fool proof one and any tips. Please grin

theredhen Tue 21-May-13 13:11:47

St tropez gradual tanner. It's sooo much better than the cheaper ones. It doesn't smell and it leaves a nice even looking colour.

LeonardWentToTheOffice Tue 21-May-13 13:17:37

Thanks theredhen I'll check it out smile

CareerGirl01 Tue 21-May-13 13:21:40

Advise the light to medium shade. Bought the darker one having used lighter one - is more subtle if you have pale winter skin like me.

NeedSomeSun142 Tue 21-May-13 13:22:06

I love palmers cocoa butter moisturiser gradual tan smile

LeonardWentToTheOffice Tue 21-May-13 13:27:06

Thanks I'm definitely a paleface!. Love the name NeedSomeSun142

MelanieCheeks Tue 21-May-13 14:08:04

Another vote for the Palmers cocoa butter one here - definitely the nicest smelling of the bunch.

JennySense Tue 21-May-13 14:09:36

I'm using the Garnier one - I got it half price on amazon last week

freerangeeggs Tue 21-May-13 19:45:18

Also Palmers cocoa butter. Smells nice and leaves a nice colour quite quickly

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