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What to wear as guest to Wimbledon final?

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mumblechum1 Tue 21-May-13 07:25:00

Been invited by DH's boss to attend the Wimbledon final in early July. Usual corporate marquee/champagne lunch etc.

Any idea what the dress code is, and any specific ideas? I'm a size 10 to 12, 5foot 4 brunette, 50.

forevergreek Tue 21-May-13 07:28:01

Smart casual.

Women usually wear a dress, most men in chinos and casual blazer

samuelwhiskers Tue 21-May-13 07:31:13

Summer dress, jacket, heels. Basically smart casual. You could get away with smart trousers, shirt, jacket too.

pocketandsweet Tue 21-May-13 07:33:15

God I wish this was my problemsad. I love tennis

mumblechum1 Tue 21-May-13 07:33:55

Thank you ladies. I know it's not for ages yet, but will have a nosy round town this week.

mumblechum1 Tue 21-May-13 07:34:49

pocketandsweet it's totally wasted on us, we have no interest in tennis, have never played and don't even know the rules. Guess we'd better learn!

Startail Tue 21-May-13 07:40:32


Startail Tue 21-May-13 07:42:04

And if you don't want to go PM me and MrsVamos wink

mumblechum1 Tue 21-May-13 11:50:35


pocketandsweet Tue 21-May-13 11:56:44

I'm crying . You have Wimbledon final tickets and you don't like tennis! Wwaaaaaah.

pocketandsweet Tue 21-May-13 12:00:41

If its to the men's final and it ends up being Nadal and Federer then I will be beyond jealous.

mumblechum1 Tue 21-May-13 12:29:37

I don't dislike it, just not particularly interested. However I have absolutely no objection to fit men in shorts wink

Wuldric Tue 21-May-13 12:32:29

I think this problem is too much for you to cope with and you should outsource it.

To me smile

pocketandsweet Tue 21-May-13 12:35:14

And me!

SerBrienne Tue 21-May-13 12:35:21

dress, heels but comfy ones, cropped cardi, light coat in case. Big sunnies!

YoniOno Tue 21-May-13 12:55:56


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