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Linen Trousers

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magpumpkin Tue 23-May-06 13:07:02

I am going to Ascot on 20th June (unfortunately not ladies day). Do you think white linen trousers and a smart strappy top with a linen jacket is smart enough to wear?

cupcakes Tue 23-May-06 13:09:41

does jacket match the trousers - ie is it a trouser suit?

brimfull Tue 23-May-06 13:10:33

sounds perfect,my legs are unfortunately too short for linen trousers,they look like pj's on me.

MrsBadger Tue 23-May-06 13:13:21

depends where you're going - if Royal Enclosure, you'll only get away with it if the trousers and jacket are actually a suit, you won't be able to take your jacket off and will have to add a hat.
If non-Royal Enclosure, sounds fine, but be aware lots of people will be dressed much more formally (which may not bother you at all). You could always take a feather head thing and stick it in if you feel underdressed.

Orlando Tue 23-May-06 13:20:53

Have you checked whether there are actually any hard and fast rules? I went to Henley about 100 years ago with an ex who was a rower, and there were places you could only go into if you were wearing a dress/skirt. And it had to be below the knee and not low cut.

If no rules the outfit sounds lovely!

MrsBadger Tue 23-May-06 13:36:23

I cheated and looked the rules up on the website (been caught at Henley before when was given surprise tags)

Ladies are required to dress in a manner appropriate to a formal occasion. This means that a hat must be worn, strapless dresses are not permitted, midriffs must be covered, and trouser suits must be of full length and of matching colour and material. Gentlemen are required to wear either black or grey morning dress, including a waistcoat, with a top hat. Overseas visitors are welcome to wear the formal national dress of their country or Service dress. Those not complying with the dress code will be asked to leave the Royal Enclosure and will be relieved of their Royal Enclosure badge.

Ladies are required to dress in a manner appropriate to a smart occasion. Many wear hats, although this is not obligatory. Gentlemen are required to wear a shirt and tie, preferably with a suit or jacket. Please note that jeans, shorts, t-shirts and sports attire (including football and rugby shirts, sweatshirts and trainers) are not permitted.

*Silver Ring/HeathDress*Code
Whilst we encourage racegoers to wear smart clothing, no formal dress code applies except that bare tops are not permitted at any time.

Orlando Tue 23-May-06 13:38:13

Nice work Mrs B!

magpumpkin Tue 23-May-06 13:59:14

Many thanks for all your replies. Am not in Royal Encloseur so i don't have to wear a dress.
The oufit is a suit so it is matching. I thought I could dress it up with smart handbag and hat.
We are spending the whole day & evening out so I would feel a lot more comfortable in a linen suit than a strappy dress (which could be very embarressing for me by the end of the night).

Fimbo Tue 23-May-06 14:02:20

You must get some to die for shoes too - now if you need any help in the shoe dept just ask <<<drools>>>

cece Tue 23-May-06 14:02:52

My DH and his mates used to go every year and they wore jeans/scruffy shorts t-shirts.... But they were there for the beer soo....

Earlybird Tue 23-May-06 14:06:26

Er....make sure those "to die for" shoes are ones you're happy to walk through grass in, and are comfortable enough to stand in for most of the day! I've enjoyed my times at Ascot in the past, but when I think of what I wore, sore feet come to mind!

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