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I've worn clothes that are mostly black for most of my adult life - probably in the mistaken thought that its 'slimming'.

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KidderminsterKate Mon 20-May-13 17:19:24

I have got a few bits and bobs that are patterned but these are all with a black background.

I have no idea how to introduce colour into my life or what suits me but I need a versatile summer wardrobe and don't want black again. Need casual bits for beach/ biking etc. think the black will be ok for evenings

I'm 5ft 8 and a size 14-16....hourglass i.e. big boobs and hips but do have a waist and decent ish legs. I just find paler colours make me look fat and I feel uncomfy. I've also put on a stone recently so am creeping into 16s when I was a comfy 14 but am addressing this and have stopped putting weight on at least.

I'm fair but have blonde highlites, grey eyes and am pale with pinkish tinge to skin. What on earth should I be!!!!!!!!

AnythingNotEverything Mon 20-May-13 17:36:29

Random tips that spring to mind:

Try shift and wrap dresses (I'm a similar size/shape and live in them at work).

Colour doesn't make you look fat - fit/cut does. Don't be afraid to size up.

Take a friend shopping for a honest opinion.

Wear colour with colour, not with black. Tone it down with grey or navy if you feel a bit like a kids' tv presenter.

Wear coloured shoes or a coloured handbag. Or bright jewellery.

Basically dive in. The water is lovely.

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