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Ideas for clothing gift for friend's special birthday

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MsElisaDay Mon 20-May-13 09:53:00

A very close family friend is about to turn 60.
She never, ever dresses up (think no makeup, trainers, jeans, Fat Face/ White Stuff top every day) and I want to buy her something special to wear for a birthday night out we're going on in London.

It'll have to be a top to go with black trousers or jeans, as she doesn't do skirts or dresses.

I'm looking to spend anything up to say, £50. She's a size 8/10 and would do short sleeves, but doesn't like anything too low cut or anything that would show her shoulders.

Any ideas?? I've had a look around the shops but everything I've seen falls into either the too young or too dull camp. Thanks!

Lozislovely Mon 20-May-13 21:11:48

Probably not much help but could you perhaps buy a John Lewis voucher and frog march her round the store until she buys something?

As you'll have already bought the voucher she won't have an excuse of not wanting to spend your money and you might be able to get her to try something on outside of her comfort zone???

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