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spotty upper arms - yuck!

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milkmoustache Tue 23-May-06 10:09:51

This is really a body question, but doesn't quite fit in health, so here goes: anyone else got bumpy, red upper arms? Think it's called something like keratosis pilaris. Despite daily body brushing it still looks really awful and I would like to wear t-shirst this summer... I'm trying some cream by Eucerin with urea in it, but so far nothing has improved. Has anyone had the same problem and sorted it?

kipper22 Tue 23-May-06 10:22:46

yes I have the same problem but no I haven't sorted it! will lurk here with interest! (although if I were you, Id be more concerned about the atrocity on my upper lip )

puff Tue 23-May-06 10:27:35

Have you looked at - there are suggested treatments on there.

A friend of mine used to get this quite badly - she is diabetic and apparently it's more common if you have diabetes. I'm sure she got something from her gp - some sort of cream that has a type of acid in it, which is in over the counter products, but not at this concentration. I know this helped.

LilacBump Tue 23-May-06 10:27:43

DP and DD both have this! no idea what it was.

Avalon Tue 23-May-06 10:28:35

Haven't got this and actually have never heard of it, but in your position I would be thinking of Vitamin A supplements. Not high doses, as that can be dangerous.

I would try taking a small amount, but in a highly absorbable form. I'm thinking of those vitamin drops for kids under 5 that you could buy from health clinics - don't know if they still sell them? Sorted out my rough elbows really quickly!

What does your GP suggest?

Bink Tue 23-May-06 10:35:11

It's hugely common - something like two-thirds of people with northern European ancestry have it to some degree. Exfoliation and moisturising is the general advice - dull I know.

Mine gets better in summer, specially with swimming in the sea - so (thinking laterally), I wonder if salt baths, like you have when recovering from birth, would help?

Avalon Tue 23-May-06 10:35:32

And if you're pregnant/breastfeeding, you should check with your GP about taking Vitamin A.

pebblemum Tue 23-May-06 11:01:08

I think this is what i have although i have it all over my arms and top of my legs. I have tried all sorts of creams which are supposed to either make it less noticeable or cure it but nothing has really worked. It used to bother me and i used to try to avoid showing it but then one day i realised it was here to stay and unless I was going to keep covered at all times i would have to accept it. Sometimes people ask what it is especially kids but it doesnt bother me anymore.

I think you should accept it as part of you and carry on as if it isnt there. That is what i do. My mum, sister and neice have it although not as bad as me. I find that in the summer when the spots are exposed to the sun they are less noticeable

I didnt realise it as so popular, perhaps we should start a fashion trend, the spottier the arms the better

SHHHH Tue 23-May-06 15:36:35

keratosis pilaris

julen Tue 23-May-06 15:40:22

Quote from the website SHHH mentions:

'Keratosis pilaris is hereditary. Wendy, this is yet another way that you are linked to your son.'

kipper22 Tue 23-May-06 16:22:17

loe the doctors answer SHHHH - especially the last paragraph where he tries to make KP sound really exciting as a link between generations rather than just the grim nastiness I'd always thought it was! I know I'm hi-jacking but thanks for lots of answers that have helped me. Can anyone suggest foods that contain vit A?

Carmenere Tue 23-May-06 16:25:12

OH I have this on my neck/under my chin - I diddn't know there was a name for it. well there you go...

Mercy Tue 23-May-06 16:25:36

My dh and dcs have this, dd's is particularly noticeable.

What's body brushing btw?

festiveface Tue 23-May-06 16:53:36

i have it too. never knew there was a name for it and it was so common!
my mum and cousin both have it too on the upper arms

SHHHH Wed 24-May-06 14:05:35

yeah I laughed at the dr's comments about them having something in common..Sounds cute but funny iykwim..!!

BTW dh & I sat in bed last night, I turned and said..hey I know what that on your arms is called (he also has it), he was amazed and glad it's common..he thought he was a freak!! LOL..!!!! Told him dd may take that gene from him though .!!

BTW body brushing is where you massage or "brush" your arms or legs etc with a shower sponge or polisher...

this with this for example. Something to rub away dead skin cells..mmmm sounds nice..! Yuk..!

theinvisiblegirl Thu 25-May-06 12:54:59

Just seen this thread and now I know what it is I have!!! Have had it all my life on my arms and really annoy's me. All of lo have it too. Now I know it has a name. Thanks

jenthehen Wed 31-May-06 22:57:32

Use dead sea salt scrub and the blue bottled cocoa butter moisturiser. I do this daily and now I'm looking forward to wearing summer vests confidently.

jenthehen Wed 31-May-06 22:57:33

Use dead sea salt scrub and the blue bottled cocoa butter moisturiser. I do this daily and now I'm looking forward to wearing summer vests confidently.

psychomum5 Wed 31-May-06 23:09:00

i have that....or at least i used to. I use body scrub gloves from the body shop. basically a pair of rough gloves that you use to wash with along with some creamy body wash. they work fantastically, altho it does take a good couple of weeks use to see the differance. I then smother lots of body lotion on after.
i have used them now for years, and swear by them

my 10yr old now has the same prob, so encouraging her to do the same.

Skribble Wed 31-May-06 23:20:04

I get it too, BTW it seems to be the massaging action more than anything that seems to make them break down. My friend tried scrubbing them off directly but it made her arms really raw looking, so take it easy and pamper your arms rather than torturing them.

Hollyboo Wed 31-May-06 23:34:12

OMG I'm not a freak? I have this and I can keep it under control by mixing olive oil with sea salt and doing a scrub about four times a week. Baby oil sets mine off. I use Silcocks Base, takes a little while to dry in but it works for me. Bady brushing really helps.

PrettyCandles Wed 31-May-06 23:39:40

Ah-hah! I never knew that this was so common - now I know what I had.

I had this on and off for many years since puberty, and not much I did seemed to make any difference. Exfoliating helped a bit, together with moisturising after the exfoliation. Then it just disappeared completely at some point after dd (second child) was born. I'd got so used to it, and had given up on getting rid of it, that I didn't even notice when it disappeared!

Dh has it, ds doesn't, but dd does.

Once dh had a proper Turkish Hamam Bath, with a soapy massage from an attendant with a huge bath-mitten and natural sponge. Unfortunately I didn't see what the attendant did (and you know how good men are at describing), but when dh came out the skin on his upper arms was as smooth as silk, and it took a couple of weeks for the rash to return. So I think regular gentle exfoliation, massage and deep cleansing must be the key.

frumpygrumpy Wed 31-May-06 23:42:49

Yahoo, I'm not alone! I exfoliated religiously and it went away. Life got busy and I stopped and it returned so.... I'm exfoliating religiously again and its not going away. Watching with interest.....

Californifrau Wed 31-May-06 23:43:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frumpygrumpy Wed 31-May-06 23:49:22

Go for it. I am slowly realising that 'attractive' people are that because they have their attitude in the right place. Get your arms out and we will love them!

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