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Leather converse

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wickedfairy Sun 19-May-13 15:25:08

Hi, am size5 (37.5) in canvas converse but would love a leather pair - dies anyone know whether they come up small and I should size up to a 38 or stay in the same size? Thanks

TobyLerone Sun 19-May-13 15:27:12

Converse come up big.

motherofvikings Sun 19-May-13 15:30:10

DH has some leather gorillaz converse. He says they come up bit big and wider than normal converse.

HTH. smile

TobyLerone Sun 19-May-13 15:37:43

All DH's Converse, leather included, are a size smaller than his normal shoes.

So I'd buy the same size as your normal ones.

wickedfairy Sun 19-May-13 19:14:59

Thanks all!

wickedfairy Sun 19-May-13 19:15:30

Thanks all!

HalfSpamHalfBrisket Sun 19-May-13 19:16:24

I'd buy my normal size and 1 size larger using Amazon or Javari then return the other pair for free.

cocolepew Sun 19-May-13 19:19:41

Same size, they come up biggish.

QueenCadbury Sun 19-May-13 20:16:29

My leather ones are the same size as my canvas ones.

hugoagogo Sun 19-May-13 20:20:33

I have to go up a size in converse <freak>

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