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I need an outfit for a wedding

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seekingpeaceandquiet Sun 19-May-13 15:17:20

... its in August so still a bit off but I just had a new baby 2 weeks ago an am breastfeeding and everything is going well so hopefully will still be bfing at the time.

the thing is i need a dress and shoes that will be comfy as i need to be able to bf as well as needing to keep 4 yo dd entertained and be able to run after if needed. and am also on a budget so nothing too expensive as most probably will only wear it the one time.

Please help me find something suitable.

FauxFox Sun 19-May-13 19:28:53

button front red or black
zip front silk patterned sale bargain
spotty zip front
floral shirt dress

MyNameIsSuz Sun 19-May-13 21:31:19

I just went to a wedding yesterday and am also breastfeeding, I wore this: with some black shoes (though would also go with nude or red/orange) and this:,mon_1.6/3332531551. It worked pretty well as it has a little popper at the front so opened for boob access, I put a little cropped vest top from New Look underneath which I pulled up to cover my chest while feeding.

Might be a bit short if you're any taller than me, 5'2", unless you want to wear black tights... though for an August wedding probably not! I know it's expensive but they also have it on Asos, various department store websites etc, so there is likely to be a voucher code somewhere!

I'm also quite taken with this: but the colours aren't very summery.

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