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When. Or in what, do you look most AWFUL?

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Nehru Sun 19-May-13 12:27:15

Me. On the mirror. Spin. Hair pulled back. Tiny head. Huge body. Sweating.
It's dire.
Or in any wide leg trousers. (Think HMS pinafore )

scarlet76 Sun 19-May-13 12:42:36

Winter runs when I wear DH's old spurs shirts. No slap. Frizzed up damp hair.
If I wear pale lipstick, I look like I've been dug up.
Clothes wise, too short for wide leg trousers or cropped ones (slim 7/8 trousers are ok). Insipid florals do little for me.

RonaldMcDonald Sun 19-May-13 12:46:47

Me at yoga

sweaty crotch/arse
sweaty tits/back


JazzDalek Sun 19-May-13 12:49:24

Any kind of skirt. I just can't seem to make them work confused

Straight? Pencil? A-line? All make my hips look huge.

DisappointedHorse Sun 19-May-13 12:50:32

At the Sunday morning swimming run. No make up, hair like a cloud.

Other than that, whenever I wear beige.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 19-May-13 12:51:49

In white tops. I love white tops but they hate me.

MrsSalvoMontalbano Sun 19-May-13 12:55:17

If I wear pale lipstick, I look like I've been dug up grin

CrystalDeCanter Sun 19-May-13 13:02:46

When I've been too heavy handed with the make up.

Or conversely when wearing no make up. I look like a mouse. All too undefined iyswim.

Also am fat at the moment so anything tucked in looks awful.

BinksToEnlightenment Sun 19-May-13 13:09:45

In changing rooms, particularly in River Island. It's like a portal to a world where outfits shrink and my thighs expand.

Yettish Sun 19-May-13 13:12:41

Oh god, so much to choose from. Anything with a high neck, a defined waistline or a skirt that ends above the knee. Put me in a prom dress I look like a right fucking heifer.

QueenMaeve Sun 19-May-13 13:17:28

Trousers and a short top or a skirt. Im thin everywhere else but 5 prgnancies and 4 of them c sections has left me with a horrible bulge. I suit a dress more than anything

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 19-May-13 13:17:41

That bluey-pink colour which is called either "puce" or "cerise". It clashes with both my hair and my face. My mother bought me a shirt in this shade once. As if that wasn't bad enough, she had bought me a size 24. I was about a size 16 at the time. She said rather lamely "I thought you'd like it a bit baggy." Bitch.

blue2 Sun 19-May-13 13:20:07

Wearing anything in peach, coral or yellow. Def. not my colours

williaminajetfighter Sun 19-May-13 13:22:12

Any kind of red colour makes me looks like I've got a bad case of Rosacea. Awful.

Trousers in general. Like Kirsty from Location Location I just can't wear them. Finally chucked them all now it's just skirts and preferably dresses for me.

bunnymother Sun 19-May-13 13:32:08

Me without makeup and hair needing a good cut and bleach. Just so drab and washed out. I must be a summer, too, as creams and other warm tones and black make me look awful. I still wear cream and black, but have to put even more slap on that usual. I could go on and on with lots more things that make me look awful, but I'll just depress myself.

OneLittleLady Sun 19-May-13 13:34:27

Shorts. Shorts and pencil skirts or dresses. They make me look massive. Also anything in yellow, it's just not the colour for me.

issimma Sun 19-May-13 13:37:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bunbaker Sun 19-May-13 13:40:12

The wrong colours - lime green, orange, yellow just make me look like the bride of Frankenstein.
Skinny jeans make me look like a torso on 2 parsnips
Low cut tops because I have no cleavage
Strapless tops because I have very bony shoulders.

I sound grim don't I?

issimma Sun 19-May-13 13:44:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bunbaker Sun 19-May-13 13:46:56

Actually halternecks do suit me because the look balances out my wider hips.

LesserOfTwoWeevils Sun 19-May-13 13:58:07

Had to be in a group photo for work recently and they brought in a makeup artist. It is a riot of colour, not one of which suits me.
I have a fat orange face, so much bronze eye makeup that you can't even see my eyes, and a bright red but still desperate-looking smirk.

Nehru Sun 19-May-13 14:00:03

i love white tops too remus - cream is a disaster here

Nehru Sun 19-May-13 14:00:40

lol @ river island portal
marks overhead lights do that to me

Nehru Sun 19-May-13 14:01:02


link! Link!

LesserOfTwoWeevils Sun 19-May-13 14:08:33

Are you mad? Never!
I have been doing the walk of shame through the office ever since, wondering if that's how I look after being professionally made up—like an elderly hamster—what must I look like on ordinary days? blush

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