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Non-skinny trousers and jeans

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Mendi Sun 19-May-13 12:22:17

I've tried, I've tried, but skinnies just don't work for me. Even though I am only a size 10 and don't have particularly fat thighs, skinny jeans and trousers make my legs look carrot-shaped. My whole body in fact looks revoltingly top-heavy in them.

My old bootcut jeans look horribly outdated now. I do have a pair of more recently-acquired Gap 'sexy boot jeans but think they look really mumsy too.

I've tried these straight leg Sevens (bought on discount at BrandAlley and they're ok but a bit 'Mum jeans'.

I've also tried these Gap 'sexy boyfriends' but they were too baggy on the thigh and also made me look a bit like a children's tv presenter with the roll ups, but even odder without the roll ups.

I think the shape that would suit me is a tapered trouser leg, slim on the thigh and tapering down to the ankle, but not too skinny. Where to find jeans/trousers like this? I am desperate! I just want a nice pair of jeans and a nice pair of cotton trousers for summer.

Am an 'apple' shape if that helps. Please help me before I turn to the Lands End catalogue...

Mendi Sun 19-May-13 21:00:30

I knew it. I'm undressable.

BillStickersIsInnocent Mon 20-May-13 07:13:32

I can't believe that as a size 10 apple you look carrotty - can you ask a good friend to see what they think?

I'm an apple and have had some luck with fatface jeans - honestly. They're cut quite wide on the waist and slim on the hip. Try the skinnies/slim fit.

Also Gap slim crops.

I have some Boden linen crops for work which fit well but only cope with one wear before needing to be washed as they bag. Their Bistro crops are supposed to be good for apples but they have no belt loops which for apples is a must IMO.

Bootcuts can be really elegant but now with a more subtle flare I think. Don't have any recommendations I'm afraid.

I love wide legs too - if they're close fitted round the hips and bum worn with a fitted top half they look really elegant. Thought I saw some in banana republic or try cos or massimo dutti or mango.

And finally, with apple legs get some shorts. Proper short shorts, denim or patterned or lace or whatever but they will look ace. Topshop have some good ones at the moment.

Mendi Wed 22-May-13 21:56:58

Thanks BillStickers. I fancied trying the Gap slim crops but they only had size 6 or size 14 in my store. Could order online but then there's the returns cost if they don't fit...

Had never thought of trying FatFace jeans, though last time I was in there it looked like mostly skinny styles. I will look again, anyway.

I never expected to dislike clothes shopping so much. I used to love it!

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