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Need advice with my skincare routine

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chunkymonkeybaby Sat 18-May-13 19:57:25

I'm 25 and I don't think my skin is too bad, I used to get loads of spots as a teenager but these days I don't get many, just the odd couple now and then. But I'm fed up of getting any at all really, I can't ever resist the urge to mess around with them and I make them so much worse. I have a few marks on my face from old spots. Also starting to get the faintest of fine lines around my eyes.

I used to use Liz Earle cleanser, the toner and skin repair moisturiser but stopped partly due to cost and also I don't think it's that amazing. I'm now using the No7 hot cloth cleanser which I like, I don't like foaming cleansers or face washes. I use a st ives apricot scrub sometimes too. Also using a Simple toner, and The Body Shop Aloe Vera day and night creams. And Garnier Ultralift eyecream for my eyes grin. I don't know if it's the body shop creams which have caused any spots, I've had a couple of breakouts since using but I suspect it's more just me as I've always had breakouts from time to time. I use clean and clear spot treatment gel on them which just dries the spots, it's ok but not great. I use Bare Minerals makeup and am happy with that.

I was looking at Avene triacneal as have seen it mentioned on here but their website advises not to use whilst breastfeeding which I currently am. I've also seen La Roche Posay mentioned but wondered where to start really. I'm keen to continue using my No7 cleanser and use up the body shop stuff but what other products would you suggest I add to my my current routine, or change to using? What would be good for the occasional spots and old marks from spots, and I'm also thinking of anti ageing a bit now too.

Thanks if anyone can help!

LordEmsworth Sat 18-May-13 20:05:34

Could it be hormonal? If so there's nothing (skincare-wise) you can do...

Exfoliating might help, so maybe either using the scrub more often or finding a new one (I exfoliate twice a week; I have good skin but I do get spots sometimes, either around my period or when I'm tired/run down - so internal rather than "external" problems).

Origins' spot gel is fab, when they happen.

chunkymonkeybaby Sat 18-May-13 20:40:59

I'm not sure tbh, whether it's hormonal or not. When I was on th pill (marvelon) before I was pregnant my skin was pretty good, although it was great when I was pregnant! I'd I have spots they're usually just small whiteheads type ones but at the moment I have one a bit more like a bump under my skin that feels a bit sore. That what mad me wonder if it's something I'm using......

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