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Calling all HOC Summers...

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issimma Sat 18-May-13 07:54:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chewbecca Thu 23-Apr-15 20:02:07

Ooh, here's a list, are any of these reds (they generally sound v pinky)

Copied here too if easier. It's an American blog but I've found they're the same as UK cosmetics.
Estee Lauder Tender Mauve
Bobbi Brown Blue Raspberry
Bobbi Brown Desert Rose
Bobbi Brown Italian Rose
Bobbi Brown Raspberry lip gloss
Clinique Black Honey (also DW)
Clinique Violet Berry close
Cover Girl Honey Plum Glow
Elizabeth Arden Perfect Amethyst, Rose.
Clinique Pink Toffee (leans warm)
Estee Lauder Soft Amethyst.
Laura Mercier Gilded Garden collection Hibiscus
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick Mauve
Estee Lauder Chelsea Rose
MAC Syrup
Merle Norman Amber Rose
Rimmel Vintage Pink
MAC Politely Pink
MAC Faux
MAC Angel
L'Oreal Sugar Plum (also CW or DW?)
MAC Politely Pink
Burt's Bees Watermelon (also LSu?)
Laura Mercier Dry Rose (also DW?)
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Deauville
Estee Lauder's Honey Sugar
Revlon Teak Rose (leans warm?)
Rimmel Airy Fairy (also LSp?)
Estee Lauder Pinkberry
Clinique Pink Spice

Chewbecca Thu 23-Apr-15 19:49:49

Not red but rimmel vintage pink is a good summer lipstick.

I used to have a link to a great website that listed good products for all the seasons but I can't find it right now, sounds just what you need.

mimiasovitch Thu 23-Apr-15 18:20:52

Hello Summers. I'm a winter, with a teenage daughter who keeps pinching my lipsticks. I'm certain she's a summer, as she's cool, but black is too harsh on her, but I have no idea what the distinctions are in the summer categories. Anyway, she loves bold lipstick, but the ones she wears seem just a bit too much iyswim. We tried a No.7 one based on her colourmatch foundation, but I still think its too bright. What I'm looking for, if anyone can suggest anything, is a not so terrifying red. I think she looks at me, and I'm all about the red, but my colouring is quite different, which of course she chooses not to recognize. Thanks in advance.

Four125 Wed 01-Apr-15 09:23:43

Yes muddling I assumed I was a winter too. I was bored the other week and looked at the versions of all my one and two star colours in the Kettlewell catalogue and yes, almost all of them are winter colours too.
I was surprised when I came out of the consultation, I didn't like a lot of the summer colours, but I'm getting used to it now I think.

muddlingalongquitenicely Tue 31-Mar-15 18:59:46

Hello everyone smile i was surprised as i thought i was a winter but when she put the scarves on me you could tell the difference in my face. The big surprise was the pink plum lipstick which was a colour i had avoided in the past always wore red but the colour looked great especially when she added the different scarves it was a jaw drop moment for us both.
The consultant was quite excited she hadnt had a summer for a while lol my outstanding colours are all the dark spectrum and she said to use the paler colours for blouses and tshirts which i think i can cope with as not really a pale colour person usually.

Four125 Tue 31-Mar-15 17:52:40

Hello muddling smile

I agree completely Ant, I'm a sweet pea (or soft) summer, diagnosed in August and still trying to get to grips with it.
Funnily enough, when I went back through my stars and ticks colour list I found that almost all of them were darker colours, not pastels.

I agree about the shops at the moment LaPomme but there are loads of blues around and some of them seem right.

LaPomme Tue 31-Mar-15 15:22:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AntNebula Tue 31-Mar-15 11:32:39

Hello muddling, thread's a bit quiet at the mo but jump aboard smile

How do you feel about your diagnosis? Was it what you were hoping for/expecting? I'm a sweet pea summer and still can't get my head around the lighter pastels... they just don't feel like me.

muddlingalongquitenicely Mon 30-Mar-15 20:04:15

Hi I am a newly discovered deep summer, hope i can join you all =)

Four125 Fri 13-Mar-15 19:30:17

What about this in the darker red, is this near HoC smoked grape/plum?

AntNebula Fri 13-Mar-15 10:22:17

Definitely summer, I'd say.

RoganJosh Wed 11-Mar-15 19:12:59

I think that jacket is summer. It's not an icy winter blue.

SoMuchForSubtlety Wed 11-Mar-15 19:06:48

I'm undecided about this in the 61 blue colour. Summer, or too pale a blue?

SunshinePanda Thu 26-Feb-15 19:31:28

Lovely cape but wouldn't suit me either. Bet it looks fabulous on you and will be really useful as well.
Starting to think of Spring - seen a blue oriental patterned top in Oasis but might wait for an offer as it seems overpriced at £32 for what it is. Maybe something in green...? I also really want a jacket, asymmetrical zip possibly, not leather but fabric. Also need replacement pewter ballet pumps.
If anyone has highlights could recommend Bleach London purple shampoo from Boots to avoid brassiness.

Finbar Thu 26-Feb-15 17:02:03

I like that - though I can't do drapey!

Bought a great raspberry pink scarf in Laura Ashley today with 30% off

Chewbecca Thu 26-Feb-15 14:22:37

Hello summers, how are you and your wardrobes doing?

slate did you ever find some grey courts? I saw some gorgeous ones in store in Jones the bookmaker yesterday, but they don't seem to be on their website.

I bought this jigsaw silk 'cape' today, am rather pleased with it.

Four125 Thu 29-Jan-15 20:47:14

If anyone sees a round neck jumper in the summer berry red colour please can you post?
I can't find the right thing anywhere.

RobotLover68 Wed 21-Jan-15 14:01:37

ooh that Reiss coat is very pale but then I'm a deep summer, probably why I'm put off - it almost looks like winter white on the internet

re: grey shoes, I bought some a couple of years ago from John Lewis, they usually have a good selection

Geminid Mon 19-Jan-15 09:37:37

Thanks Panda. I actually tried the coat on in person but it was so difficult to judge. It looked like a very much paler version of light blue grey - but I found my eyes didn't work so well in the artificial light of the shop. I'll perhaps go and give it another try.

Four: had a quick scout round Oasis but nothing much grabbed me.

Four125 Sun 18-Jan-15 21:15:15

I find it's difficult to judge the shade of colours on the Internet and often they look different on my laptop/tablet or phone.

Did anyone find anything nice in Oasis following the post a few weeks ago about their good summer colours?

SunshinePanda Sun 18-Jan-15 13:53:01

It's a beautiful jacket but a tricky colour to judge on screen. It looks cool rather than warm. Could you compare it against pure white and cream? Also does it look right and blend with other Summer colours? I'm not much help am I! Maybe someone better will come along like Travel. [smil

Geminid Sun 18-Jan-15 10:06:33

It is hard isn't it to find the right colour, style and fit - you can say that again!

Can I ask for your opinion on whether this jacket is a summer colour?

Tried in on yesterday and fell in love with the style and the fit is great. Not sure about the colour though.

SunshinePanda Sun 18-Jan-15 07:31:34

Sorry none of my links are working.sad

SunshinePanda Sun 18-Jan-15 07:30:32

Your friend is quite right if you have a waist show it off. I think that it is easy to get swayed by colour. I'm sure you would have known when you tried it on. It is hard isn't it to find the right colour, style and fit. Still I guess that's why we're all on here.
I changed my Oasis striped dress for a similar H of F one but the fit is much better, better quality and the stripes seem more muted. They also had a soft navy plain one with a little silver thread in it:
Also saw a grey top which was a good colour yesterday in New Look:
and this looks similar online:

Four125 Sat 17-Jan-15 10:03:10

I showed the Boden dress to my friend who said 'why would you wear a dress like that? It doesn't go in at the waist'.
She's right, I do go in at the waist, so the Boden dress is shelved for now.
Back to the drawing board.....

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