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Do TOAST shoes run small or large? I've seen sandals but they start at size 37

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LeoandBoosmum Sat 18-May-13 04:33:51

and I can be a 36, 36.5 or 37 depending on the retailer. More often than not I am a 36.5 in most brands but this Toast particular sandal starts at a 37! Toast don't seem to offer half sizes anyway... I am in't'north smile so I can't access a Toast store. John Lewis offer some of their clothing line but not their footwear. Anyone got any experience of Toast footwear, particularly the sandals? I'd appreciate it. My last experience with Toast was a bit of a nightmare; I ordered some slim jeans in my size and they were huge!
Thanks, LeoandBoosmum

Sleepthief Sat 18-May-13 06:02:22

If it's the saltwater ones, they're pretty true to size.

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