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Holiday capsule wardrobe

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Roobot Sat 18-May-13 01:47:04

We are soon embarking on a 4 week holiday. I am so excited! I am traditionally not a very efficient packer, but this time we are visiting a number of locations and countries and we will have our 16 month old with us.
Climate is going to be hot and humid for the most part (although not as hot or humid as where we live). Going to be doing a huge amount f walking and visiting historic sites and also major tourist centres. Might even go for the odd meal if we can persuade DD to sit still/ sleep in stroller. If not out in the evening, then we will certainly be trying to do a couple of afternoon tea type things. SO not anticipating anything majorly dressy up, but best be prepared.
So, how the hell do I pack? Help!!

lizardqueenie Sat 18-May-13 03:56:21

Was just coming on here to post the same! We are off very last minute for a beach holiday next week- my summer/ holiday wardrobe is looking a sorry state & I always sort out what DD needs/ new shorts & tees for DH whilst my wardrobe looks pitiful. Bumping for ideas from the experts grin

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