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Maxi dress - what shoes?

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velvetysquirrel Fri 17-May-13 20:50:47

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help! I'm thinking about buying a couple of maxi dresses for the summer, however I'm having shoe issues, as I'm not sure what type of shoes would go best? I'm thinking sandals but I'm not really a sandals person hate my feet so I'm not sure. If anyone could provide some advice that would be great - thank you!

SoldeInvierno Fri 17-May-13 21:08:20

I normally wear mine with wedges, as I am only 5' 5'' and otherwise they tend to be too long

velvetysquirrel Fri 17-May-13 21:45:31

Thanks - that gives me another option to consider!

Geillis Fri 17-May-13 21:52:55

Maxi dresses RIP. Buy something else to wear.

MiconiumHappens Fri 17-May-13 22:23:55

Wedges or sandals only options really or maybe pumps if it was a t shirt material one smile

snoworneahva Sat 18-May-13 05:37:32

Gladiator type sandals.

velvetysquirrel Sat 18-May-13 11:07:34

Thanks everyone smile

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