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How much for a trim?

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BottledWaterandFags Fri 17-May-13 15:19:56

How much do you ladies pay for a trim?

Last time I was in the chair for 40 minutes and it cost me £30, which I think is extortionate!

I've always gone to this regular hairdresser because I loved the colour job she used to do on my hair. But I don't have my hair coloured any more so I'm not as fussed about going to her because I'm not actually that keen on the cut she does on my hair.

I'm looking to try somewhere new and I'm canvassing for opinions on prices.......

Thanks all.

MelanieCheeks Fri 17-May-13 15:26:41

It's about £30 for my girl. She's been doing my hair for years, knows exactly what it needs, knows where the funny cows licks and all are, and I'm happy to keep going to her. Mine's short and sort of spikey, I get it done every 6 weeks.

OneLittleToddleTerror Fri 17-May-13 15:28:23

£30 is very cheap! I think mine is £35 but I especially drive to a cheaper part of town to get my haircut. Where I live, it's £50-60 easily just for a standard trim.

BottledWaterandFags Fri 17-May-13 15:32:12

Thanks for your replies. OneLittleToddleTerror wow, that suprises me that £30 is cheap... I thought it was outrageous but then I am very tight fisted!!

ifancyashandy Fri 17-May-13 15:32:57

Hmm. I'm London and pay £120 for cut and full head tint. Same cut (mostly) each time. Every 5 weeks so a trim really.

BottledWaterandFags Fri 17-May-13 16:03:42

I used to pay about £90 every 6 weeks for full head colour and cut.

I don't get my hair coloured anymore so I'm just after a trim every 6 weeks or so nowadays.

OneLittleToddleTerror Fri 17-May-13 16:07:43

I'm also tight and that's why I drive to the student area of town for the cut grin. It's a 15min drive and I reckon no way I spend £20 in petrol for the trip.

Ashoething Fri 17-May-13 16:14:27

i spent 15 quid on a dry cut yesterday abd i thought that was expensive! she has made an arse of the layers too.i used to spend a bomb on my hair and never once had a decent cut so dont bother now.

shelli135 Fri 17-May-13 16:22:34

By having a trim do you mean having it washed, cut, dried and finished? Or just cut dry? I think that's a reasonable price.

Baring in mind it doesn't matter if you have an inch of everywhere or a full restyle, the hairdresser is still cutting every single hair and checking it. (unless you just have the ends of the length off)

£35 for cut, blow dry and finish.
I am in Yorkshire and we are known for being 'tight' hmm but I think this price is reasonable.

OneLittleToddleTerror Fri 17-May-13 16:25:28

shelli good point. Mine is wash and cut. There is a free blow dry at the end, but not styled. Just a quick blast. I don't see the point of getting big hair just to go home to see DD and DH grin. ashoething you are brave to do a dry cut!

ifancyashandy Fri 17-May-13 16:40:45

Mines for a wet cut, proper blow dry etc. Would never have my hair cut dry - how can they see layers etc if it's not wet confused

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Fri 17-May-13 18:19:56

I have a dry cut, it costs £18 at a nice local salon. I have wavy hair with lots of layers, and my hairdresser prefers to cut it dry as she can see how it naturally falls more easily.

ifancyashandy Fri 17-May-13 19:40:57

Well, I never did. Always assumed it was easier to cut wet hair - shows what little I know. Every days a school day on MN!

mewkins Fri 17-May-13 23:01:32

£41 for a wash cut and blowdry here, just north of london. 26 for a wet cut. Most places charge less if you don't have it blowdried.

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