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Naturally wavy/curly hair, really thick and frizzy-please help me style

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AllAboutFlavour Fri 17-May-13 13:36:06

My hair is naturally wavy/curly. Left to its own devices it will naturally wave, but if I out in product (like tigi curl amplifier) and twist sections it will curl. It is very, very thick all hairdressers always comment on how thick it is.

I have worn it straight for a fee years, straightening it in evening, and it will stay like that until next washed. But I'd like to wear it curly

This means I have to wash it every day and do the style/twist thing which takes at least 20mins and some hairspray! It dries crispy.

It is currently in a stacked bomb to my chin. Is there anything I can do to wear it naturally that won't take ages? I have two kids under 4 and work part time so don't have ages to style it!

Purpleknickers Fri 17-May-13 15:58:35

Hello .. I have the same hair problem here is my thread if it helps

VillaVillekulla Fri 17-May-13 19:33:22

I have similar hair but not so thick and I've always straightened. I've just found out about the Curly Girl (CG) method. There are lots of threads on here and I've been reading a few websites dedicated to the CG method (I recommend British Curlies). There are lots of tips on styling etc.

There's a method called "plopping" (I know, awful name) which is pretty straight forward and low maintenance. Easier than 20 mins of twisting anyway. It's also all about the products. Basically you're meant to cut out all SLS shampoos and all silicone conditioners and only wash your hair in non-silicone conditioner. It should make your curls much healthier and more defined.

JackieTheFart Sat 18-May-13 01:17:24

You need to experiment with different products. If your hair is crispy, it's not right (or possibly you're using too much).

I have curly hair in an inverted bob. I conditioner only wash (sometimes I use Naked shampoo - nothing too drying) and then use mousse to style. I then diffuse. The cooler and slower you do it the better.

I use my own mix of a squirt or serum. a dollop of conditioner, some Boots Pink Curl Creme and water in a spray bottle for second/third/fourth day hair.

AllAboutFlavour Sat 18-May-13 09:21:26

Thanks. I'm going to try the curly girl method!

I think I use too much because I'm terrified of it going frizzy.

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