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Calling all hairdressers..Advice needed..

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SHHHH Mon 22-May-06 15:33:18


I have long hair that is probably to just above the middle of my back (in fact probably the length in the picture as it is with curls)
I want to have a permanant wave/curl through my hair that is similar to the style in the above picture...I want the end of my hair to have the curl/wave BUT I don't want to have a full head of tight curls iykwim..
I need to know...

1. Can it be done on a permenant basis (of until it needs doing again 2 months time etc)

2. Can it be done on my hair length..?

My hair does have a slight wave to it now but I am not keen on it as I want a more defined curl. Also if I am able to do it can I also straighten it for a change (and go back to the style aftre washing) or will it "pull" the curl out..??

Sorry to sound so dumb..!

SHHHH Mon 22-May-06 15:34:36

BTW at the moment my hair is always style polker straight as I like it to look more groomed.

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