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Urgent need of work trousers

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StannisTheMannis Thu 16-May-13 13:19:41

My last pair of work trousers has bitten the dust. Crap quality Next pile of crap they were.

Where can I buy good quality, well fitting trousers that don't cost a fortune?

I prefer boot cut as straight leg or skinny tend to look like leggings on me due to ridiculously fat calves (and I have lost 50 per cent of my work wardrobe for this reason as my manager has deemed them to be "leggings" despite me buying them from the work clothes section of the shops they were from!) they have pockets! Leggings don't have pockets!

No Next please as they are crap quality and no GAP because I don't have 50 years to spend trying on every size combination to try and find the right waist/leg fitting.

Thank you!

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