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Am I too short and fat for this tube skirt?

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MsElisaDay Thu 16-May-13 10:37:17

This is the skirt in question:

I am 5ft 5ins and 10 stone, wear a size 10 or 12 depending on the shop.
Needless to say, I do not look like the model in the picture, and the skirt comes far past my knees.
I have bought it but can't decide if I look ridiculous or not. Should I take it back?!

nulgirl Thu 16-May-13 10:43:07

I'm the same size as you and have got a tube skirt like that (slightly longer). I think it looks good and really emphasises my curves and waist/hip differential. You do have to be careful about what you wear on your top half - nothing baggy or too long. Shape-fitting tights are my best friend with this skirt - sucks me in.

BunnyLebowski Thu 16-May-13 10:46:52

You weigh 10 stone. You're not too fat for anything envy grin

That said, I have doubts about that skirt. I'm 5'4 and that length of skirt would cut me off at a weird point on my legs and look ridiculous on me.

MsElisaDay Thu 16-May-13 10:59:57

That's what I'm thinking. I like the skirt... BUT it cuts me off mid-calf and I have short, stumpy legs anyway.
Plus my tummy isn't what it was since having DS six months ago.

I was thinking of wearing it with heels and a tight-ish top/cardie for work, or with a vest, denim shirt and these shoes for a daytime drinks do I'm going to tomorrow:

...but am concerned I'll look even shorter and stumpier than I already am. (I have a long body, huge boobs and short legs).


Hopefully Thu 16-May-13 11:11:11

I think that length can be fairly unforgiving if you have big thighs (I have saddle bags, and the coming in at knee/upper calf level just emphasises how much I go out at the thigh) - I find I can do shorter tube skirts fine, but not below-knee. But if you are averagely curvy or straight I think they are fab.

AmberNectarine Thu 16-May-13 11:24:23

I am slightly shorter than you at 5' 4 and 9st 5. I wear that same skirt in burgundy all the time and actually find it very flattering. I think you'll be absolutely fine in it!

nulgirl Thu 16-May-13 12:04:59

I know what you mean Elisa. I lost 5 stone over the past 18 months and used to think that when I got to 10 stone I would be able to wear anything. Unfortunately my body post 2 pregnancies and big weight loss will never be super toned. My stomach is a train-wreck and I too have short stumpy legs and big boobs. Tube skirts can be quite flattering though as long as the length is right and you're wearing great support underwear.

fedupofnamechanging Thu 16-May-13 13:26:39

I have a similar one from DP which is nice thick material so sits nicely. I weigh about the same as you and wear mine with fitted tops, long cardies and high heels. I probably wouldn't go for flat shoes, tbh.

YoniOno Thu 16-May-13 15:28:03

I have that skirt, I used to be a similar size to you and wore it for work with heels and top (t-shirt or sleeveless blouse) tucked in. Agree with others - not with flats, and not with a loose top. Tucked in and with heels is definitely the way to go, and it's surprisingly flattering.

MsElisaDay Thu 16-May-13 16:09:12

Thanks so much for all the advice.

Is the consensus that it should only be worn with heels then, not flats? If so, I may have to take it back as I wanted it as a casual/weekend skirt mainly, and I can't do heels on a weekend.

Also, I don't own any support underwear and can't afford to buy any - not just to wear with one skirt, anyway.

So if we're presuming I'd wear it with ordinary pants and flat shoes, should it go back? Be brutally honest!!

fedupofnamechanging Thu 16-May-13 17:12:03

Maybe you could wear flats if the top was fitted. Only way to know for sure is to try it on with a full length mirror. What about wedges? They are a bit more comfy than normal heels.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 16-May-13 17:14:20

I'm 5' 2 and about 9 and a half stone. I really rate the Topshop skirts and they are really flattering. I need to cover my belly a bit but they make my bum look good!

QueenCadbury Thu 16-May-13 17:31:59

Surely it depends on your proportions rather than your size? I'm the same height but 9 stone 4 and wear an 8/10 but I have a sticky out bum and a flabby tum so on me a tube skirt would be awful.

YoniOno Thu 16-May-13 19:23:31

Thing is, although it's jersey (=casual) it's super clingy so looks like a wiggle skirt on, which looks a bit silly with flats. IMO and IME, on me and observing others it does look silly with flats, sorry. Maybe it would work if you're seriously straight up and down, but I think a loose straight cut jersey skirt would work better with flats. I think Hush do one?

Whoknowswhocares Thu 16-May-13 23:14:37

I'm sure it looks just fine.....and a size 10/12 is a long way from fat!
But that's not the point. You are worried that it looks ridiculous. That nagging feeling won't go away because strangers on the internet either like/don't like it
If you don't absolutely LOVE it, then there are better options out there for you. Take it back.
<shuffles uncomfortably to wardrobe of doom where many such items hang forlornly, labels on, gathering dust>

AmberNectarine Fri 17-May-13 08:22:22

I wear mine with flats!

MsElisaDay Fri 17-May-13 10:36:21

It's gone back!

As Whoknowswhocares pointed out, I didn't LOVE the skirt and I felt a little bit uncomfortable in it - so before I made up my mind, I put it on with a vest top and flats, and wandered into the living room to parade myself in front of DH.

He looked very confused at what he was supposed to be looking at, before saying: "That skirt... the proportions are weird."
Me: "How? Be honest. Be HONEST."
Him: "It makes your legs look this long" (indicating a small gap between finger and thumb)
Me: "Oh dear. Really?"
Him: "Yeah. Your bum looks good in it though. Quite big. But good."

So the skirt has gone back.

CheesyPoofs Fri 17-May-13 11:02:23

Nevermind OP sad

Your DH sounds helpful though, my DH is useless at giving fashion advice.

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