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Help required - dress me

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puggirl Wed 15-May-13 16:39:11

I am going on a trip to Scotland for work in a couple of weeks. I need 3 day outfits - thought dresses/tunics that could be worn over leggings and 3 evening suggestions.

I am pear shaped 10-12 top and bigger bum. Most of my wardrobe doesn't fit at the moment and the weight loss journey I keep threatening to go on has yet to begin.

I am tall 5'10 with 34" inside leg. I had a panic order from Boden and the 3 dresses look awful. Got a Uniqlo dress Celia Birtwell - it's ok but only keeping if I can't find anything else.

Can anyone recommend anything they may have brought recently? I am starting to panic at the thought of only having dog-walking gear to take!

puggirl Thu 16-May-13 07:22:28

Anyone? Any ideas?

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