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So the collection that's meant to save M&S is here...

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Whitershadeofpale Wed 15-May-13 08:35:13

what do we think? sorry it's DM couldn't see it anywhere else.

I think there's some beautiful pieces, especially the suit in the first pic. But some of it seems very expensive. I'd like to seem them up close to see if the quality has improved on recent years.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 15-May-13 08:39:06

There are only a couple of things I would buy as it looks very high fashion/for tall people or very expensive to me. I can't imagine wearing leather trousers or a dress at all

I like the suit and in the article it says there are good dresses but apart from the floor length (again for tall people) they're not pictured.

orangepudding Wed 15-May-13 08:40:10

Some of the clothes are expensive. I wouldn't pay a lot of money for M&S clothes are the quality have been really poor lately.

I don't see how the collection will save them.

bunnymother Wed 15-May-13 08:49:04

If the quality and cut matches the price, I will be looking and I think it could mean M&S does actually become a store lots of women buy from. At the moment I own some jewellery and gloves and that's it. Despite buying most of our meat and convenience food from there, I just bypass the clothes as they look awful. I think there are people out there who would buy clothes from M&S if they were better.

flanbase Wed 15-May-13 08:51:46

Horrendous - who wears a white coat costing over £300

Sonotkylie Wed 15-May-13 09:00:48

I love that suit and a couple of other pieces, but overall like M and S generally, it just 'misses' me. I look at each thing and think 'that would be nice but is a bit too long', or 'hmmm but it looks a bit boxy' and that's before I get on to what sould suit me or work for my lifestyle, or indeed any quality issues. I think it comes back to the fact that no one shop can do everything for you once you get beyond about 25, and you have to pick the bits that work out of different ranges. But its more positive the Per Una ...

Sonotkylie Wed 15-May-13 09:01:16

More positive THAN Per Una

MarshaBrady Wed 15-May-13 09:07:04

I think it's a good way to go, however the price is probably too high for some of it.

flanbase Wed 15-May-13 09:08:16

It's huge prices for a high street shop

DameFanny Wed 15-May-13 09:09:00

But people don't go into marks forhigh fashion - they go for staples. Show us the staples!

pocketandsweet Wed 15-May-13 09:13:49

I think some of it looks gorgeous.... The stores though drive me crazy. I often find it impossible to locate the things that look good in advertising/editorials. The fact that I often have a 3 year old in tow means that if I have I spend 20 minutes trying to locate one nice thing I will probably give up.

KristinaM Wed 15-May-13 09:18:22

Telegraph link ( for those of you who don't do the DM)

GreenLeafTea Wed 15-May-13 09:23:02

Too expensive!! I agree that Marks should be the place to go for well made staples at a reasonable price. I don't think fashionistas shop there.

PeterParkerSays Wed 15-May-13 09:28:50

The discrepancy in prices is huge. Love the suit, prices just about manageable, but there's a flowing skirt further down that's £200. I'd wear the skirt but not for that price. They aren't high street prices. I couldn't afford Reiss or hobbs etc but could afford M&S on the odd occasion they had something decent. Now, it seems not.

ubik Wed 15-May-13 09:38:33

I like Hobbs and bits from TKMaxx, also Oasis and I am nearly 40. I looked at th new M&S stuff and just couldn't imagine wearing it. I think Liz Jones is right ( never thought I would say that) and it is for age 50+ -they are the ones with the disposable income I suppose.

Glad to see they have got rid of the appliqué and smocking.

francesdrake Wed 15-May-13 09:39:30

OMG. Tights with built-in gel pads in the toes? Have they let The Apprentice candidates loose in there?

I agree with Dame Fanny: it's all about the staples for me. Not just the month-in, month-out stuff like denim skirts or black t-shirts, but also the six-month staples that are somewhere between fashion trends and classic, like the autumn/winter jacket, or summer sandals that you can wear with jeans into autumn.

The thing is, none of that editorial collection will be available outside the flagship stores. I guess that means M&S preserves the exclusive 'waiting list' feel of the key pieces, but is the halo effect on the brand really worth annoying the regional customers, if all you're giving them is more polyester bias cut frumparama? Will it be available on the website? A lot's going to depend not on the editorial coverage but on what's actually shipped out to the stores, and available to buy.

FrancesFarmer Wed 15-May-13 09:44:03

I can't imagine buying clothes in M&S, although I buy tights and underwear there. It's just not an appealing place to shop for clothes - it lacks the glamour and excitement of more upscale department stores and boutiques or even the higher end high street stores.

It's a bit like Boden - sometimes you see an item that looks ok but then you pinch yourself and realize that it will probably be dowdy and a waste of your time.

Hopefully Wed 15-May-13 09:53:37

I think it's a good move. The fact is that it simple isn't possible any more to have good quality and cheap prices - shops are having to choose one or the other. M&S has (presumably) gone for quality, other shops are going for price. There is a thread here every other day bemoaning the lack of quality in high st stores, so if they've managed the fabric quality/cut/style to go with those prices, people will pay, I reckon.

Hopefully Wed 15-May-13 09:55:37

I also think the DM link has picked some of the most expensive pieces, because they're wankers. The Telegraph link has pieces with much more civilised prices.

Piemother Wed 15-May-13 10:03:32

Yy to hopefully grin
I like it. Maybe I will buy some work stuff from there. I love by a flagship that's so huge I only know where kids clothes and food is after 5 years!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 15-May-13 10:30:46

hmm that the DM has picked up £22 scarf
£45 jumper

and not about the fabrics or finer points.

I think M&S should concentrate on :
T shirts
sensible,practical coats
their well recieved jeggings
non frouffy shirts
school uniform (the DC clothes are meh but school uniform is good value and well made)
Menswear (I can't be going into racey Menswear shops)

+ toileteries

They've tried to branch out too far and it doesn't work.

I'm their target audience customer:
late 40s
standard size 14/12 and 5'5". Size 5.5 feet
not fashion savvy but I like nice things
some disposable income
wanting quality,well made clothes that wash and wear well

TravelinColour Wed 15-May-13 10:44:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarshaBrady Wed 15-May-13 10:52:31

yes good ones on the Telegraph site. That cream short coat is very good, think some of the stuff is pretty spot on in terms of design.

Simple, not frllly fussy etc

SorrelForbes Wed 15-May-13 12:32:39

* some beautiful Chantilly lace lingerie that should give far more expensive brands a run for their money*

No it won't. Not unless they sort out their fitting/sizing <bra bore rant>

ADefiniteMaybe Wed 15-May-13 16:16:30

Just looked at the telegraph link and, yes, I really like it. I think I am also their target audience; late 40s, size 12/14 and someone who enjoys clothes but maybe more style conscious safe than fashion led. There are lots of things there I would like to buy. The High Street can be a bit young/fashionable/cheap and I think this is a good shift to a gap in the market.

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