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Skin and hair in need of (cheap) TLC suggestions..

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georgyporgie Mon 13-May-13 10:28:32

I never thought I'd look back fondly on the pregnancy stage, but 7 month afterwards, my hair and skin are playing games with my sight, making it all rose tinted. Or perhaps I should stop looking in the mirror when I wake up.

Need recommendations for a root repair/ intensive repair cheapo hair product. Was arm wrestled into using my MIL's mobile hairdresser for my last colour and JESUS, terrible experience (won't go there- blocked it out and I have no idea why I did it) leaving me with clumps of hair coming out at the root STILL, even though over a month ago. Have bleached hair ash blonde for past 15 years with no problems at all (same two hairdressers) and twice after having ds 7 months ago, but this recent time, the hairdresser appears to have put on a type of bleach my hair objected to. Liability issues aside (sue, SUE!) I need a hardcore intensive repair treatment suggestion please. ANything that might help. And if there is anything expensive which is like a miracle, would be willing to consider forgoing my daily hobnob.

And my skin.. a month or so prior to ds even being a twinkle in the eye, decided to try Aldi's own protect & perfect & sadly my skin reacted (then tried Neal's yard which made it worse. I then found out from my mother that I might be geneticially predisposed to react to essential oils angry ). This got worse during pregnancy & is now just awful; blotchy, red, sensitive with loads of thread/spider veins on cheeks. I look a bit like the photos they use to scare you with what drinking can do to your skin.

Any suggestions as to what my skin might love me for putting on it? Have tried Murad anti redness, but too harsh, tried simple, tried Clarins, Ren etc etc...

Have some vit tablets from Natures Best which are supposed to be really good, but can't take them till I finish breastfeeding hmm so interim solutions would be much appreciated!

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