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Help me copy the stylish park lady

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MrsNoodleHead Mon 13-May-13 00:41:37

The other day I saw someone wearing an outfit that I loved, but chickened out of asking her where she'd bought it or taking a cheeky photo on my phone. Thought I'd be able to Shopstyle/Google it but I've drawn a complete blank.

She wore a navy top, looked like a light knit, with long sleeves and what from a distance looked like crochet or broderie anglais cuffs.

Her trousers were printed silky numbers, gathered at the ankle and navy with a small white print. Bit like this colour and pattern.

She then had a navy box bag. The closest I've found is, rather scarily, this Hermes Constance but hers was more square, angular corners I think.

Do these ring any bells?

cafecito Mon 13-May-13 02:13:39

what is with these trousers everywhere!!confused

cafecito Mon 13-May-13 02:15:23

grin sorry, but really - argh

Nehru Mon 13-May-13 07:45:05

Was she in fact a clown?

Nehru Mon 13-May-13 07:48:28

This jacket ?

MrsNoodleHead Mon 13-May-13 09:27:33

Love a bit of clown chic. Did I mention that I'm also in the market for some size 15 red Doc Martins with pompoms on the toes?

Similar cuffs to the Jigsaw jacket, but most def not a jacket. Boatneck I think, quite fluid.

bishboschone Mon 13-May-13 11:31:44

I have some similar trousers from primark that were £10. They are so comfy and casual .

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