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I need a makeover! Help!

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Lioninthesun Mon 13-May-13 00:21:43

I have too many clothes and not enough outfits, if that makes sense?
I am terrible at buying something in a sale and then realising I have nothing that seems to go with it.

I am 5ft9, size 10 and have shoulder length natural hair, pale in winter and freckled but tan easily in the summer, green eyes, broad shoulders and although am a 30/32D cup they look small as shoulders are broad. 33inch leg. Will be 32 this year.

What would actually suit me? I need to de-clutter my wardrobe massively, so if anyone can help with colours/sytles I should avoid or go with that would be massively helpful! I feel I have lost my way now I no longer have to dress up for work, but I still want to be 'smart' and not just wear jeans all of the time. HELP!

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