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Jewellery for my new dress

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tiredmamma Sun 12-May-13 23:39:04

I have a new dress for a fancy-ish occasion coming up soon. It's the James Lakeland monochrome sleeveless dress. i will try to do the link
It's a shift dress basically, cap sleeves, knee length. Not fitted but falls very nicely. It is black and white (more stone/putty colour I think but it is described as white), vertical split in colour - right down the centre. So half black and half 'white'. What jewellery would you wear with it ? (And what do you think of the dress?)

mrscumberbatch Sun 12-May-13 23:46:57

Dress is nice. Very modish and fun.

I'd go with nothing on your neck/ears etc as it's a high neckline. And the dress is so modern and minimalist.

Maybe a chunky silver or acrylic bangle. Or a big chunky ring.

Less is more with this dress I think though.

tiredmamma Sun 12-May-13 23:57:12

Really mrscumberbatch, is it modern and fun? I was afraid it was a bit boring and thought it might need jewellery to fancy it up! Thank you, you probably saved me from ruining the look. I am a bit rubbish at putting things together.

mrscumberbatch Mon 13-May-13 00:01:40

I really love it. I just have rubbish legs so no short dresses for me sad

What are you doing shoe wise?

Also, if you don't need to take much with you, you could go wild with an 'on trend' perspex clutch bag to inject a bit of colour?

tiredmamma Mon 13-May-13 11:26:20

Thanks so much for advice. These are my shoes - Luckily the colour is just like the dress. I do have black shoes that I love but don't really want to wear black shoes. These are the right colour and I like the height. Do you think they will they be ok?

I don't think I have seen an on-trend perspex clutch bag, would you have a link?

mrscumberbatch Mon 13-May-13 20:40:06

They'll be cute. Add a bit of texture. I would have went for something patent but I'm very tacky wink

perspex clutch

It's not for everyone but I love them. I think they're quite fun. There's some great high street versions as well. If you were wearing patent shoes i would have gone for a perspex clutch but I would probably go for a neat little leather bag to tie in with your shoes.

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