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holiday bras - any nice ones out there that don't show much under clothing?

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crushedintherush Sun 12-May-13 15:32:48

Hello ladies smile

Going abroad in a week's time (yay) and need a holiday bra. I'm 38B.

I already have a new white one which is fine under white clothes, but need another for coloured clothing.

I've looked at nude or black bras in M&S, which is my preferred port of call for underwear, but they are either lacy which I can't wear, or have big cups.

I need a minimal/barely there (?) one, preferably with a nice design, but not embossed where the design shows through your clothes, and it also needs detachable straps.

Do these exist? confused

Not asking for much, am I? Please help.

Many thanks in advance smile

If you are an odd measurement they add 5". Plus, they don't measure firmly enough anyway. I'm a fairly definite 30" measurement, they measured me too loosely so ended up with 31", then added 5" so came up with a 36 back...I could have tied it in a bow!

crushedintherush Sun 12-May-13 20:39:23

statistically grin

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