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What are your favourite products/treatments? What would you like to try?

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currentlyconfuseddotcom Sun 12-May-13 12:43:37

I don't have many favourites as such but the ones I do have are:

Shampoo - Lavera rose milk (my hair laps it up)
Concealer - Dr Hauschka
Mascara - Maybelline
Coconut oil for smoothing hair

Dry skin brushing
Home made body scrub with sweet almond oil, pink salt and essential oils

And I would REALLY like to try laser treatment!

ggirl Sun 12-May-13 12:49:57

oooooh yes I want to try laser as well , just started a thread on it

fav foundation is YSL
mascara - false lash effects waterproof

want to try the alpha h range

currentlyconfuseddotcom Sun 12-May-13 13:01:53

I can't find your thread, ggirl!

Are you going to go ahead with the laser? Which type? I would do but as I am currently unemployed I am trying to exercise the Art of Self Restraint (in which I'm sadly lacking. Might bolt to the nearest salon instead of conserving savings).

ggirl Sun 12-May-13 13:09:52

plug for my thread
there are so many clinics it's hard to choose, no idea what type of laser

currentlyconfuseddotcom Sun 12-May-13 13:19:54

Hmm, can you phone round a few and find out more deets?

I'm tempted by laser skin rejuvenation <attempts to restrain self>

And I have a horrid thread vein which I'd like to get rid of.

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