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What do you think of this suit for a wedding?

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ShadowsCollideWithPeople Sat 11-May-13 22:42:35

Searching for a suit for DP, for a wedding, in Italy, in late summer. DP usually just wears a nice blazer with black/grey trousers to weddings, however, most of the weddings we have been to recently have been winter weddings, so his newer blazers are all velvet or tweed - far too heavy for an Italian summer wedding. He can't wear a light grey as the groom and groomsmen are wearing light grey suits. Also, I am a bridesmaid and I would like his suit to compliment my dress - really don't want to be all matchy, but don't want to clash, either. My dress is a kind of dusty lavender - not a pastel but not too deep either. I think this suit would be perfect. DP is 6'2'', with broad shoulders and narrow hips, so I think the shape would suit him. Is it a bit too, er, blue though? Am worried it might look a bit cheap. What do you think?

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