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Beauty buys from Debenhams?

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ShirkingViolet Sat 11-May-13 11:46:32

Treating myself to some make up and bits and pieces while there is 10% off - any beauty must buys?

I like benefit's benetint but not tried anything else - is there anything else good you would recommend?

Leather Sat 11-May-13 13:23:21

I love Dior nail glow and lip glow (balm) they give a really natural glow to your nails, bringing out the natural pink more and making the whites whiter.
And the lip glow brings out your own lip colour and makes them a lovely healthy pink colour.
I would also recommend Benefit they're real mascara, best mascara ever imvho.

alltoomuchrightnow Sat 11-May-13 13:25:28

worst ever in my opinion! sorry. Smudged on me within 20 mins, i have the photos to prove it. and i applied to top lashes only. Dreadful. I love the rest of their range though...the face powders and the perfumes especially. Any Dior lip glosses.. fabulous

TheHandbagOfGlory Sat 11-May-13 13:32:24

Urban Decay All Nighter make up setting spray, I thought it might be a gimmick but its amazing, I can't imagine not using it now.

BinksToEnlightenment Sat 11-May-13 13:37:01

I was thinking of going for the two Dior glow things as well. They really are excellent.

ShirkingViolet Sat 11-May-13 14:35:59

Thank you, never tried any Dior stuff so will look!

BinksToEnlightenment Sat 11-May-13 17:37:42

I tried the lipgloss on at midday. It's faded, but the colour has survived lunch, a short run and a nap. I am really impressed.

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