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What I bought today

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WelshBoris Sat 20-May-06 19:44:43

Black see thru top in Primark with big white polka dots and a tie at the back. So gorgeous, looks like Kookai only £6

White skinny fit jeans

Black and white polka dot wedges from New Look

Few long vests from Dotty Ps

Crop cullote jeans from Topshop

SecondhandRose Sat 20-May-06 19:46:17

You fashion victom WB, what's wrong with the Edinburgh Woollen Mill?

SecondhandRose Sat 20-May-06 19:46:34

victim even!

expatinscotland Sat 20-May-06 19:47:42

four bras and matching knickers from the Florence & Fred line in Tesco.

two camp chairs

a 10kg bag of cat food and a cat slicker brush

WelshBoris Sat 20-May-06 19:47:52

Ha!! Im 24 Ill keep edinburgh woolen mill til Im old thanks

WelshBoris Sat 20-May-06 19:48:21

expat I bought underwear aswell in Primark you cant beat a matching set can you?

mousiemousie Sat 20-May-06 19:49:30

Oh la how trendy you will be
Is there anything else you are looking for or does this tick all your boxes?

SecondhandRose Sat 20-May-06 19:49:41

I've been to the jumble and bought a huge bag full of stuff for £3 to put on Ebay. Hence my username!

WelshBoris Sat 20-May-06 19:50:37

Ive been buying for this season for a few weeks, nearly done now I think
Maybe one more shirt dress for work and some utilty denim shorts

expatinscotland Sat 20-May-06 19:52:28

there's nothing like matching underwear.

i've finally lost all the baby weight and thought i'd treat myself.

Northerner Sat 20-May-06 19:56:11

Welsh borris - your purchases sound lovely.

I will look out for that top on my next visit to Primark

I love polka dots. I have some cullote crop jeans and I love them.

WelshBoris Sat 20-May-06 20:00:17

Northerner I cant stop looking at the top, its a real find

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 20:04:09

boris, i'm off shopping sunday and monday with my ma for a summer wardrobe (I've sold all my size 14 clothes!!) a bit older and fatter than you.. what would you suggest?

WelshBoris Sat 20-May-06 20:14:04

Long vests. cover a multitude of sins and are in New Look and Dotty Ps

White linen trousers, can be worn in day or night always look good can brighten up any outfit

Shirt dress, can be worn on its own, over linen trousers jeans or black trousers for work. Theyre everywhere try on a few to see what suits you

Spots are big, dont wear them all over youll look like youve got measles. Just a top or maybe a headband? Even a scarf in your jeans as a belt would work

Erm, for jeans loads of cropped ones around, again try them on to see what suits you and what you feel comfortable in. No good buying them if you feel conscious.

Next have some nice stuff too

GDG Sat 20-May-06 20:17:36

Set of pink sparkly bangles - Accessorize
Set of brown and khaki/green sparkly bangles - Accessorize
Pea green cropped cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves - just hold together at the top with a diamante button - Monsoon
Plain white short slip to go under white 'gypsy' type skirt from last year that can see knickers through! - M&S
The Times - WHSmith
Haircut - Regis
Tuna and mayo hoagie with chips and salad for lunch - The Nags Head

Think that's everything

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 20:19:55

sounds fab. don't want to look muttony and not got a fortune to spend.. love dottys and next as i need petite

WelshBoris Sat 20-May-06 20:21:02

Sounds lovely GDG

I think New Look have started petite, I know they have started their tall range and maternity so its worth a look

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 20:23:16

well, i'm venturing to milton keynes so hopefully they will have some decent shops. Leaving tomorrow at 2, staying overnight, going to see da vinci code and eat copious food, shopping all day monday with mum and sis. No kids.. first time away, alone in about 4 years. I can't wait

Tortington Sat 20-May-06 20:27:06

well we bought 5 dvds and 4 vids, 3 dvds for mi nana birthday

WelshBoris Sat 20-May-06 20:32:05

Sounds lovely Allie tell me what the da vinci code is like

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 20:34:22

i can't wait to get away from em all!!!

Skyler Sat 20-May-06 20:37:14

Posh frock for wedding from Monsoon, jacket from H&M and bag from M&S. Was out all day and hated every minute and still need shoes to go with it . Outfit for the christening and weddings this summer. I hate shopping when looking for something specific....

TheLadyVanishes Sat 20-May-06 21:44:09

1 tin of paint and a weeks food shopping from Asda

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