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new haircut

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scruffyonion Fri 10-May-13 18:38:42

Hi everyone, Im new here, what a great site this is, and everyone is so helpful, I wish I would have known about it before,

I am looking for a new hairstyle, and I just love Mary Portas (dont most of us lol)...that style and colour are fab. Id love to be so daring and go for that colour...I have been trying to find out where she get it styled, I googled this but nothing!!!!!

With my work, I look a total mess every nite i come home and to be honest, I dont look that good too going to work, and my kids just take the mick when i come home.

I sooo want to change, and I want to start with my hair, I always had a bob but got sick of it as it looked in the end each time i had the same ole same ole bob, it looked like a helmet on my head, but Mary's bob is different, stylish, edgy and confident.

So please, does anyone know where she gets it done as where I live on merseyside, the stylists iv gone to when I went back to the bob, again, looked like a helmet it was ''too bobby'' at the ends and at the back if you know what i mean, I just seem to never be pleased whenever i visit a salon here and they never seem to know what I would suit to be honest

Thank you so much

scruffyonion Sat 11-May-13 16:15:04

Hi everyone, I know there are thousands of us on here, but id so appreciate it if you could help me with my question

thank you x

hedgefund Sat 11-May-13 18:22:34

lol at too bobby!

bumping for you - hopefully someone can recommend a stylist in merseyside!

Nagoo Sat 11-May-13 18:58:46

I think loads of it is about the colour. What colour are you now? And the texture of your hair?

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