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DD's hair extensions. can anyone reassure me they aren't going to go bald !

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fakeblondie Fri 10-May-13 09:29:44

DD 1 saved to have hair extensions because my friends daughter had them and they looked great.
They are Remmy or something I think, anyway 100% real hair and fixed in a weave to her head.
They cost about. £300 plus products.
Anyway DH took ds to our usual hairdresser this week and started chatting about dd hair extensions . This hairdresser had started doing them but with a dry fuse technique at a cost of £800.
The hairdresser started giving DH horror stories about cheap hair extensions and long term damage esp bald patches ! DH explained how they weren't cheap they cost £300 and was told this was in fact cheap and to beware, ESP given their young ages, 17 and 20.
The hairdressers has now put a Facebook status up warning people Bout cheap hair extensions.
I spoken to dd as she is quite sensible and as much as she loves them would whip them out quick rather than risk baldness . She said the girls T school had them in or around a year from the same shop and they were ok. Also she quite rightly suggested that our usual hairdresser was prob trying to promote their own product because everyone things their product is the superior ?
I'd really appreciate any advice from someone who knows a little about hair weave extensions.
maybe I could ask our usual hairdresser to actually look at them and see what they think as they have made such a stance about ? Cheap hair extensions ?

JeeanieYuss Fri 10-May-13 09:38:44

As long as they are applied properly they should be fine, I've had extn's about 6 diff times and I've never had a problem. If she is continuously having them you are recommended to have a break inbetween though so that could be a cause for baldness.
The hairdresser is touting for business I think, it's all down to how skilled the extensionist is.. As long as your daughters were applied properly she'll be fine.
Hth smile

fakeblondie Fri 10-May-13 12:23:15

Thank you that's very reassuring

JeeanieYuss Fri 10-May-13 17:32:22

Not a problem smile

carmenelectra Fri 10-May-13 19:08:12

I have heard those Remi(or however you spell it) are good. I don't think 300 quid is cheap for extension, probably more mid range.

I'd love some myself(at risk of looking mutton) though my hairdresser(family member) warns me against. So I'm a bit scared! Don't know why as I have hair coloured etc a lot and am adventurous.

HotCrossPun Fri 10-May-13 19:12:26

I went a bit bald after having extensions for 6 months. Mines were glue in ones though, and to be fair - I was a bit of a picker!

I used Lee Stafford 'For hair that doesn't grow past a certain length' conditioner (catchy name!) to encourage my hair to grow back and it actually worked.

Maybe she should get a similar strengthening type product to use while she has them?

Notfootball Fri 10-May-13 19:36:49

I agree with Jeeanie and as long as they are done properly, she'll be fine. I've had weaved-in extensions countless times, had them taken out and then put straight back in and no problem. The first night, they are usually a bit tight but by the next morning, they have relaxed and loosened up. My own hair has a break from heat/over-processing and grows wonderfully.

£300 is a decent whack for them. I buy my own remy and take them to my hairdresser and its about £200 all in. I believe the other hairdresser is trying to sow seeds of doubt.

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