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Find me a necklace, you lovelies

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ProveYourLoveToMe Fri 10-May-13 08:37:20

It's to wear with a navy (w white starbursts) wrap dress - v neck.
Would like silver and/or navy colours.
Budget up to £30, but ideally less.

Thanks grin

LulaPalooza Fri 10-May-13 12:57:49

Give us a clue as to your style...

codswallopandchips Fri 10-May-13 13:07:56

Here are a few different ones picking out the navy and silver colours:




Any use?

codswallopandchips Fri 10-May-13 13:08:42

Oh fucksticks, when will I learn to do links? Here, I"ll try again:

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