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Help me solve my chunky knee problem!

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mintchocchick Thu 09-May-13 20:06:20

I've just bought a lovely grey and pink tunic from white stuff and little cardi- really love them. But my plan was to wear them with crop leggings. Haven't worn leggings since my Jane Fonda days as a 16 yr old - about 30 yrs ago!

Well, my knees looked so chunky in the leggings! I am sending them back as I look horrendous! But I want slim jegging type pants that I can wear under tunic that won't be as clingy as leggings but not baggy at all.

I'm a size 10/12 and buying new clothes as this time last year I was a 14 heading to 16!

I don't have time for a big trawl through shops so wonder if you good people have any ideas. Thank you

herbaceous Fri 10-May-13 10:02:35

I too have chunky knees, verging on the hideously fat, which only become slim when the rest of me is skeletal.

I find leggings to be my saviour, but only the better quality ones, with thicker material that don't bunch around the knee rolls.

As for slightly looser jegging type type things, Uniqlo looked promising.

libertychick Fri 10-May-13 10:13:14

Another fat knee person here! I don't do leggings at all - they just don't work. Look for slim fit jeans or cigarette style trousers, I agree those uniglo ones herb has suggested look good.

I find I have to be careful with crop styles generally - I usually wear at least 7/8 length. Cropped styles tend to make the leg look shorter overall and that can just make chunky knees look worse.

herbaceous Fri 10-May-13 10:28:15

I so wish I could wear above-the-knee dresses, shorts, etc in the summer, but it's just too hideous. I once even considered having liposuction on the knees, but decided just to wear longer clothes.

echt Fri 10-May-13 10:34:03

I know this will sound horrid, but couch to 5k will sort your knees, even if you maintain at the 4-week level. Really. Very achievable, as I can attest, with my droopy 58 year-old knees. grin

herbaceous Fri 10-May-13 10:40:40

Trouble is, I have dodgy feet that makes running a no-no. I used to do three or four step or aerobic classes back in the day, and my knees were still pretty vile.

libertychick Fri 10-May-13 11:30:21

Echt I used to regularly run 10kms a few years ago and they were a bit better but still fat! I think it's genetic - all the women in my mother's family have them. One aunt has recently lost vast amounts of weight - down to a size 6 and her knees are still not great.

I have just accepted them TBH - I have good shoulders and arms so I show those off instead!

herbaceous Fri 10-May-13 11:42:21

Mine are genetic too. My mum has vast knees, and my sister's aren't great. But yes - my top half is pretty hot! apart from the face

BeattieBow Fri 10-May-13 12:34:06

I am the same. Nothing I can do about it! but my answer is not to wear things that end on or just above the knee.

So I either wear things that end at the narrowest part of my thighs (so quite short), which is much more flattering and somehow makes my knees look thinner, or wear midi length skirts/dresses which are also flattering (but need to be careful not to look frumpy).

I don't wear leggings as they just don't do anything for me.

LadyBigtoes Fri 10-May-13 17:24:38

Rofl at "vast knees" grin mine are the same. I am so envious of those women who have shapely legs that actually seem to go in at the knee. Mine are so wide and lumpy, they remind me of those knobbly gall things you get on trees.

I love dresses in summer so I usually wear short ones with cropped jeans, or longer, floaty dresses if it's too hot for that.

I actually got my favourite cropped jeans from sainsbury's for £9 and they go with everything. They are quite tight then slighty looser at the leg end and can be turned up to adjust the length. Wear with nice sandals and bright nails - makes me feel better about the fat knees lurking within.

Murraylover Fri 10-May-13 18:39:07

I have a friend who's a size8, been keeping fit - up to running marathons - and she's still chunky of leg/knee. As Herb says - still hot up top

ExRatty Fri 10-May-13 18:46:22

I think pins are genetical.
Mine are thin/skinny but I have associated non arse that is the bane of my life

Some of my mates have big legs on tiny frames. I am unsure that diet can sort tbh. A friend had lipo on thighs knees to very poor result

herbaceous Fri 10-May-13 18:58:38

It is odd. My arms are quite slim, and my wrists positively bony, yet my legs are like tree trunks, and my ankles cankles.

The best skirt length for me is right on the knee, so the hem hits just below the kneecap. That seems to be the thinnest part of my leg and creates an illusion of shapeliness, rather than heft.

Maxis are good, but midis frumptastico.

KristinaM Fri 10-May-13 19:19:28

I agree that leg shape is genetic. I run about 40k a week and its made no difference to my skinny legs or fat tum. You'd think i would have muscles but i don't, I still look scrawny .Other women I run with have chunky legs /ankles/knees and blame it on the running.

I fear you are stuck with your fat knees. Disguise them or learn to love them .

mintchocchick Fri 10-May-13 21:02:32

Oh you are all so good to reply. I assumed my thread was too boring to warrant a response but it turns out several of us are afflicted!

I found some skinny white crop jeans in Lakeland which are great and so much better than leggings. Mind you I think my search is still on as these jeans have an equally annoying, but new problem - which is when I stand up from sitting, they get stuck on my also-over-averaged sized calves so stay ridden up!

I would love slim legs but I agree about the genetics - I ran a half marathon and lost over a stone in weight but still have chunky knees. My knees are like a chubby toddlers!

MaireHa Tue 29-Aug-17 15:07:36

I LOVE this thread. It's so good to hear about others with chinky knees. My tribe! My mahoosive knees, thunder thighs and short stumpy calves are the bane of my life. Add thick ankles and stumpy feet and my whole lower body is a no go area for any kind of style. I did loose a lot of weight and wore skirts for a while. But a friends husband took me to task about my big knees and suggested after lookingme over with a bit of aa that I do some 'road work' to tackle my chunky kegs probs. Uninvited! I still shudder. So I've returned to hiding my unsightly stumps. How far can self hatred go? I diony think I can accept them. Unless some famous person makes them fashionable? Big bums are cool now. But only if the rest of u is thin. Impossible!

MaireHa Tue 29-Aug-17 15:08:51

I mean chunky knees!!

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