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Wide summery school shoes.

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hellymelly Thu 09-May-13 16:52:39

Have bought seven pairs of shoes for dd online over the past two weeks, none have fitted. Found a pair in a shoe shop that were not ideal looks wise (wrong colour, Wintery style) but seemed to fit, however they really rubbed her feet so have gone back. She is a one and a half G, aged 8 so nothing too grown up, and the shoes should be navy ideally. All I want is a simple Summery t-bar sandal, dd2 has them from Startrite, but they stop at a 12 I think. Mary Janes, which I have been buying, all dig into dds feet at the point where her instep starts, she has a high instep with wide feet. I tried an Angulus style, it cut in, I tried Startrite Louisa, it dug in, I am going spare as I literally can't find anything. All the stuff on offer looks so clunky and Wintery too, not right with gingham dresses.
Soooo <pleading voice> anyone have any ideas?

hellymelly Thu 09-May-13 20:33:13

No-one? I've been browsing yet again online but no joy. Am prepared to throw cash at the problem and buy an expensive pair, still can't find anything suitable.

3MonthMaid Thu 09-May-13 20:35:57

Hoe about something from Vivo Barefoot? They are fairly wide and have summery styles.

T bar shoes are very hard to find in bigger sizes, my friend has a daughter with very wide feet and all the Mary-Jane style shoes dig in

hellymelly Thu 09-May-13 21:02:59

I hadn't heard of those, have just had a look, the navy shoe they have has a rubber sole that comes up over the shoe, which makes them look very casual for a school shoe, but they do look soft and flexible. More sporty than the sort of classic shoe I would ideally like but i may try a pair as I'm so stuck. Might be a good shoe for weekend wear actually, although that doesn't solve the school problem. Thanks v much for the suggestion. Wide/deep feet seem to be a real problem, and yet my feet are the same, and there was never any difficulty getting me shoes, in rural Wales in the early 70's, so why it so tricky now with the internet etc, I don't know.

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