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Has anyone seen any boys herringbone or tweed blazers anywhere?

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YourHandInMyHand Wed 08-May-13 17:52:06

Having just been shockingingly outbid on ebay I'm going to approach this from a different angle.

DS wants a "real" jacket like doctor who's. (By real he means not fancy dress from a packet). He usually wears brown tweed or herringbone type ones.

I think Zara had one in their winter collection but don't now. LandsEnd have some but can't justify £50 on a blazer he'll use for dressing up.

Can't seem to find one anywhere so if anyone has seen any I'd be very excited to hear about it. Needs to be in older boys collection as he'll need 10-11.

MrsLettuce Wed 08-May-13 18:10:29

might this do?

YourHandInMyHand Wed 08-May-13 18:44:49

Got all excited at this one but it's all out of stock. sad

Thanks MrsLettuce. DS isn't here tonight but I'll show him in the morning and he can give his Dr Who obsessed verdict. grin

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