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MN Vogue Vol 10 - the double digit edition

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shopafrolic Tue 07-May-13 22:13:34

Woo hoo! Over here.........

blondambition Wed 08-May-13 08:51:29

Blimey you lot have got some pace on, I've missed loads again! Hope all the poorly people are on the mend flowers.

Shop huge congrats on becoming an Aunty to twins, how lovely! Also well done on the Gigis grin

So, erm, just out of interest talk to me about Goldsign sizing.... do you size down normally?

Decameron Wed 08-May-13 09:10:46

Blondambition, I have Goldsign Lure (size down) and Misfits (my usual size).

Off to Mothercare in Hammersmith, oh the excitement.

Annianni Wed 08-May-13 09:39:26

Blond, my Goldsign frontier's are a 32, my diva's are a 32.
But I'm a 31 in Hudson and just got some Gap jeans in a 30.

That probably doesn't help you at all grin

Migraleve has worked again, just feel shattered now.

Sofa day with cbeebies for us.

shopafrolic Wed 08-May-13 09:44:16

Decam if you see any short sleeve Thomas the Tank pyjamas can you let me know? <random>
Waves to Blond I had to size down in Goldsign Lure too (thanks Decam)

foxysocks Wed 08-May-13 10:02:42

yes size down to goldsigns, mine are a 24 and i'm generally a size 8.

LinusDKD Wed 08-May-13 10:09:29

hopefully looks like a nice website, thanks.

anni my DH used to get horrible migraines, so bad that he had to throw up. Hope you feel better soon.

shop DS also hates it when DH travels. Last Sunday when DH said he was going to go away on a plane, DS went to the front door and started to to put on his shoes and said 'DS also plane'.

It broke my heart to tell him it was just daddy going on the plane and tha he had to stay with mummy and his sister.

I have some time this Saturday to go shopping on my own so will check out Comptoir des Cotonniers for belts decameron

Hopefully Wed 08-May-13 10:24:29

<weeps at the thought of a 24" waist>

Annianni Wed 08-May-13 10:30:32

Silver Superga are here in the smaller size and are lovely.

Quite blingy but they look nice with crop jeans and a white tee.

There's a few little blobs of glue on the fabric which is annoying me but I really don't think I can be bothered to order yet another pair.

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Wed 08-May-13 10:41:07

Hi All

I think I have caught the virus from DH. Huge waves of nausea and a very full feeling in my stomach. I'm supposed to on the phone most of the day so that could be interesting! Hope the rest of you are on the mend.

I have no idea about premium denim, maybe I should have a try on when in London. I get most of my jeans from River Island. Usually they fit really well but I bought some skinnies from there and they are huuuge! They are a size 8 and there is no way that I'm a size 6. I thought they might have the wrong size label in so I tried more 8's on and still huge.

Great belt link. I'm looking for a skinny cobalt belt to hold up crap jeans mentioned above!

UPDATE: It's official, I couldn't hold back the puke any longer. I'm annoyed because, apart from terrible migraines, I'm never ill. I haven't had a stomach bug for over 10 years!

Sorry, ramblings....

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Wed 08-May-13 11:34:06

Does anyone know where this jacket is from? It's just what I've been looking for!

foxysocks Wed 08-May-13 11:43:02

i think it might be zara, paris. lots of the bloggers have a similar one atm which is from there.

get well vibes to those still in need x

Annianni Wed 08-May-13 11:53:28

I think it's Zara too Paris
Although I did see a white jacket on Whistles site the other day.

Hope you get better soon.

Really hope we don't catch the sicky bug.
I think it'd finish me off.

I've just posted the Adena's to MrsR
They are beautiful but don't fit perfectly.
Think I want them in the grey but need to try a smaller size.

Also returned the Maison Scotch star scarf.
It is lovely, but the stars are only on one side, so the other side is plain with rough looking bits, where the back of the stars are.
So it needs fiddling with, to look nice...
And life's too short to spend time arranging a scarf grin

foxysocks Wed 08-May-13 11:58:15

good call anni, very satisfying to make a decision one way or the other.

did the grey cashmere/silk scarf arrive? what do you think?

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Wed 08-May-13 12:04:42


Zara again? If I'm not careful I'll end up looking like a crap advert for bloody Zara! I'll look at Whistles.

Anni I love returning stuff, makes me feel like I've earned money <idiot>

Annianni Wed 08-May-13 12:24:16

It's not here yet Foxy sad
It was dispatched last week but obviously delayed due to the bank holiday.

Gap order of dresses and skirts due today.

And I've just ordered yet another pair of silver Superga.
The size 6 is in perfect condition, but the 5.5 has loads of glue on the fabric, more than I thought.

My hallway resembles a sorting office
I'd forgotten about the lovely but bloody enormous Matches boxes.

I do feel quite virtuous when I return stuff Paris grin

shopafrolic Wed 08-May-13 12:34:00

So I've had the weirdest morning. I went to our local M&S food where DS proceeded to have the biggest tantrum ever - thank God he was strapped into his buggy (which was why he had a tantrum!) but I couldn't get him out, push the buggy and carry the food shopping. Nightmare. I was so embarrassed that I had to go and sit in the car and cry afterwards. He's normally really good but he was really missing DH this morning so I guess that isn't helping.
Anyway - to cheer us both up I took him to the park and which random celebrity was there? Patsy Palmer AKA Bianca from Eastenders with her two boys and DH / DP. Her youngest boy and mine played on the train together and we had a bit of a chat (I pretended as though I didn't know who she was even though I was dying to ask for a photo!). Her boys looked very cool (and are v good looking kids). She was just wearing jeans and a black puffa jacket. I guess she must live round here as the studios are quite close by.

blondambition Wed 08-May-13 12:38:49

Thanks for feedback all on Goldsigns. I am being good and not ordering, wardrobe is overflowing with jeans.... however, Foxy am intrigued to know how the white slouchy jean hunt is progressing! Have you ordered any yet? (think we are similar size/have similar styles so may shamelessly copy grin)

Paris get well soon. I also think like you when I return stuff. Makes me feel virtous!

foxysocks Wed 08-May-13 13:04:19

how quick are matches with dispatch/delivery, anni? if I order now will they get here tomorrow? we leave early friday for a long weekend so if they won't arrive tomorrow I'll have to wait till next week now

blond will pm you later just off to pick up DS

Decameron Wed 08-May-13 13:31:20

Matches aren't the quickest, I've found, although I am in London.

Get well soon, Paris. I even feel virtuous when I delete things from Pinterest!

Mothercare have closed down there, Shop, grr, so I went on one of my most hated roundabouts for nothing! I might go to another branch tomorrow so will check. I have tickets for the Pompeii exhibition but trying to decide whether to pay again and go some weekend when I don't have to bring DD2. She had a massive strop in M&S too, it must be the day for it. I love Patsy Palmer's hair.

Decameron Wed 08-May-13 13:31:56

Get well soon, Paris.

Annianni Wed 08-May-13 13:33:10

I think if you order before 12 or it might be 1, then you get them the next day Foxy

Could you get them delivered to where you're going to?

Scarf's just arrived and it's so soft.
The grey matches my eyes grin

It's quite a dressy scarf, would look nice with navy Whistles jacket etc.

So i'd still like a more casual one, like the Maison Scotch one... or Becksondergaard etc.

Crappy mprni

Annianni Wed 08-May-13 13:34:50

Stupid phone...

Crappy morning Shop, except for the celeb spotting grin

foxysocks Wed 08-May-13 13:45:30

yay! they are super soft aren't they, i'm so pleased with mine. such a bargain.

no DH will freak if i get stuff ordered to the house, fair enough really, we want a total escape with no internet or consumerism!

i think i'll wait and order next week. I also have to wait till actual anniversary (28th) for my jacket under DH orders! delayed gratification all round.

MrsRadicchio Wed 08-May-13 13:48:15

Anni sun20 gives 20% off at plumo.com and they have the becksongaard scarves. Thanks for posting shoes!

Shop, that is funny about pp. I didn't realize she'd returned to eastenders. But I haven't watched it for years. Hate the public tantrum. When is your dh back? You are going a great job, its so hard parenting solo 24/7.

Paris, hope you feel better soon. Is this a mnv bug?!

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Wed 08-May-13 13:51:07

Thanks for the concern you lot. My main problem should be that I have a big deadline this week and I can't keep out of the bathroom for more than 10 minutes. My actual, secret problem is that there is a mahoosive wodge of coffee and walnut cake in the kitchen that I can't eat and will go stale soon shock

Shop Sounds awful. I have almost forgotten what it's like to have littlies. Mind you, a teenage tantrum from a 6 footer is a sight to behold! (impending GCSE's and a DS who couldn't give a damn!)

Anni Scarf sounds great, especially as it matches your eyes. It would probably match my skin today!

Dec Ooh! Let me know if the Pompeii exhibition is any good.

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