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in search of the perfect nail varnish

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eggybrokenoff Tue 07-May-13 21:11:53

like you get in nail bars - the sort of neutral/pinky shade that makes your nails just look healthy, that resists chipping and doesnt need top coat. a boring topic i know but i cant afford a proper manicure or pedicure and my nails look manky

BlueSkySunnyDay Wed 15-May-13 12:51:30

Ive just bought a new top coat or id be investing in Seche Vite too!

mamalovesmojitos Wed 15-May-13 11:05:43

Gosh nail polish in 'silk' is my fave. Bit cheaper than essie too. I use seche vite for darker colours but don't need it with silk.

eggybrokenoff Wed 15-May-13 10:58:33

i shouldnt have started ever looking on style pages. i now am planning in buying things i never knew existed! and finding out about websites i never knew existed!

BlueSkySunnyDay Wed 15-May-13 10:32:57

Actually I shouldnt have come on these nail threads - I have just looked on google images at the colours in the OPI "top 10" set, I now just HAVE TO buy 4. Luckily Fragrance Direct seem to have them - so I guess not as expensive as it could have been grin

No willpower!

eggybrokenoff Wed 15-May-13 08:24:21

wow just checked back on this thread randomly after a few days as thought it was finished - best nail advice ever! tried rimmel salon pro - bit streaky. def going to try the mabelline one sounds ideal. was going to get seche top coat but might try mabelline one first. my nauks always chip and thought an expensive top coat might help - but maybe i'll try a semi decent base and top coat first!

Ooh, I've got that one Blue - it is lovely.

BlueSkySunnyDay Tue 14-May-13 18:47:11

I said on a thread about opi earlier - I am hell on varnish on my fingernails but when I do bother I use OPI Tickle my france-y this one

thepurplepenguin Tue 14-May-13 18:34:38

This may already have been mentioned, but cosmetics are 3 for 2 in superdrug atm.

I got the maybelline rose poudre 7 day gel finish and 2 others in the same range (not so neutral!) for £8.18.

Re top coat, the no 7 one chips on me, but have just started using the revlon colour stay gel finish top coat which is amazing.

That looks nice Lula. I have quite a collection of glitters but mainly only wear them (and deeper bolder colours) in winter. I find the glittery ones a real pain to get off.

I put on the Nude Rose last night, but one nail has chipped already. I'm trying out the No7 base and topcoats with it, after having seen people recommend them on here. So, base coat has a black mark for chipping within 24 hours and top coat isn't all that shiny. Hmm.

LulaPalooza Tue 14-May-13 17:24:51

What WhoKnows said with bells on.

Caveat re: the Cutex/ SV trick... I have only ever tried it with the Cutex moisturising stuff. I don't know if it works with other versions of their remover or any other brand.

Today I am wearing Essie Chinchilly with a top coat of Essie Shine of the Times. It looks a bit like this except that pic is with Nubar Chiffon instead of Essie Chinchilly. Same overall look.

Not at all neutral though. So a bit off topic. Sorry.

No it's very right!

valiumredhead Mon 13-May-13 22:02:40

Is it wrong to be excited about new nail polish? blush <shallow>

I've got Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Nude Rose and Really Rosy, both are lovely, Really Rosy is a deeper shade.

valiumredhead Mon 13-May-13 21:50:30

Thank you smile

bunnymother Mon 13-May-13 21:49:41

Sorry its "gel nail colour" that's definitely on there. So its different from the normal Forever Strong polish they do.

bunnymother Mon 13-May-13 21:47:57

Just checked - the bottle says "FOrever Strong Super Stay" gel technology and "7 days" is on the bottle. Annoyingly, I can't find it online.

valiumredhead Mon 13-May-13 21:41:10

Is it Maybelline Forever Strong or is it called Gel Polish ? planning my shopping trip tomorrow

hermioneweasley Mon 13-May-13 21:37:00

Off to check out more maybelline....

bunnymother Mon 13-May-13 20:40:11

That Maybelline gel polish in Rose Poudre is amazing! I have base coats, good polishes, top coats, blah blah blah. No matter what I do, everything chips within a day. Am on Day 4 with the Maybelline and its still pristine. I didn't use base coat and only added the Maybelline clear gel polish on top to add more shine.

Might bin the Seche Vite, Essie, Revlon and OPI (inc nail envy) now as none came close to the Maybelline gel in terms of not chipping.

BinksToEnlightenment Mon 13-May-13 19:56:45

Thank you! I'm going to pick it up tomorrow from town. That's when the sale starts in store.

gaggiagirl Mon 13-May-13 18:39:57

Lula I've got some cutex woo top tip thanks.

I did try some isopropyl alcohol (it was on the list of ingredients and DH had some for cleaning his vinyl records) but it didn't work. Didn't think of using nail varnish remover and didn't want to spend any more money on the special solvent (I'm a chemist and can pinch bits of solvent from work so I resent paying ridiculous prices for something which I could probably get from work if only I knew what it was). So I chucked it away, but I had a bottle of Insta-dry, so I've been using that instead. I will remember the Cutex if it ever happens again

LulaPalooza Mon 13-May-13 18:09:06

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Seche Vite can be de-glooped by something called Seche Restore... or, as I discovered when I was too skint to fork out for SR, with a couple of drops of Cutex conditioning nail polish remover.

Adding remover to nail polish itself is only ever a short term solution to thin it out. Seche restore works much, much better.

But for some reason the Cutex really works with Seche Vite. I can use up a whole bottle.

Apologies for over-posting on this thread. As you can see, I am obsessed.

LulaPalooza Mon 13-May-13 18:05:30

Binks Nail Glow by Dior is on offer at Debenhams online for £16.20 with free delivery...

I am on a self-imposed nail polish ban apart from the £30 I spent on OPI stuff online last night until I get better storage. All of my boxes are full. And DH has started to raise his eyebrows rather a lot.

LulaPalooza Mon 13-May-13 17:57:31

I have a ridiculously large collection of nail polish. I have tons of pinks/ neutrals but my favourite is Maybelline Rose Poudre

It's a much softer pink than that pic is showing on my PC. It's nice, it's cheap, it goes on well and last for ages.

Essie Ballet Slipper is a lovely pale pink but it's a bugger to apply. You need at least three coats and patience otherwise it goes streaky.

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