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Second thoughts about my skinnys - are they only for stick thin teenage legs?

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HaveAGoodDay Tue 07-May-13 17:11:57

So I have a few, well several pairs of skinny jeans. It's what I wear all the time. I'm a size 12 in the comfy stretchy ones. I'm an apple shape. My legs aren't huge but neither are they 'stick thin'.I've been wondering lately if skinnies really are the best style of jean I should be wearing? Haven't worn boot cut for a while & when last tried them they felt weird/wrong, I don't think I've put weight on, maybe I have I just feel heavier lately! I'm not getting any younger either!

OneLittleLady Tue 07-May-13 17:16:56

I wear a size 18 in any style of jean and I wear skinnies. At a size 12 you are in no way too big for them.

ToastedTeacakes Tue 07-May-13 17:19:48

Not sure what age has to do with it. Not all teens suit every type of jean, nor do older women. Why not wear what feels best for you? I sense you might not be too keen on them so just find something more suitable - they might be the 'in' thing, but any style of jeans purchased from a current store will be up to date, no matter what anyone says about the dreaded M word. grin

I am nearly 40, only skinny cuts suit me. It pisses me off because I prefer wider leg jeans. Such is life.

MoreCrackThanHarlem Tue 07-May-13 17:20:34

I only wear skinnies, though am a size 8/10. Am 34.
I never considered age an issue wrt jeans, but choice of top is crucial.
If you are chunky round the middle I would go for a longer top with structure, like a fitted shirt for example.
Flimsy, tight t shirt with bulging stomach a no no.
Imo, obviously.

I feel very mumsy in bootcut.

ToastedTeacakes Tue 07-May-13 17:25:43

Let's face it, it's awkward. Think about it: as women we are all kind of expected to gravitate to the same styles which the stores are selling, which the media hypes up, which other mumsnetters suggest, etc. Yet we are all such different shapes. Personally I don't think bootcuts aren't much different to skinnies, except at the ankle, they still fit like a goddamn condom higher up. (Oh how i miss relaxed jeans that actually come in dark indigo and without rips!)

It's bullshit, all of it.

Mot everything out there is designed to show off every nook and cranny of our figures. It isn't practical and there are barely any choices for any of us. It's a gripe I've had for a while now (can't you tell!?), and yet we continue to think shitty thoughts of ourselves for not fitting like square pegs into round holes. See what I mean?

God i wish they'd shake stuff up a bit, invent something new for once. Or I wish that I was a seamstress.

ToastedTeacakes Tue 07-May-13 17:26:19

sorry guys i was having a moment there ..

ToastedTeacakes Tue 07-May-13 17:27:25

Most everything out there is designed to show off every nook and cranny of our figures.

Pandsbear Tue 07-May-13 17:30:37

And I only really look good is baggy boyfriend or wide leg jeans. I am a size 6-8 but channel the short-arsed-carrot look in skinnies despite trying on many many pairs over the years due to the tyranny of 'fashion' . I am 41. It's just the way of things. I am quite happy in the jeans that suit me. (And sometimes they are lovely dark indigo grin)

mrspaddy Tue 07-May-13 17:37:36

I only ever wear dark, dark blue bootcut jeans. I look terrible in anything else. I know I am out of date and out of touch but that's all I suit. As my much loved Gok Wan has said wear what YOU feel good in and dress for you own shape.

However, I have seen people of all ages/sizes looking very well. Once they have the right top to flatter.

I don't think there are any rules once you feel good and are happy..

Nehru Tue 07-May-13 17:57:28

we need a photo

HaveAGoodDay Tue 07-May-13 18:49:46

Wouldn't it be wonderful not to give a shit what people think about us and actually wear what we feel comfortable in - I could wear my joggers for the school run & not worry about looking like a bag of poo tied up!!!

I do agree though, you can be any age, any size & if you have the right style of clothes that work for your shape you can look amazing.

Nehru- you really did make me lol & I like my anonymity too much!!!

olgaga Tue 07-May-13 19:03:45

The jeans you feel comfortable in are those that are right for your shape, not your age!

You need to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you no longer feel comfortable in your skinnies.

Personally it was the "barrel on stilts" look that came with middle age that did it for me. Have you tried skinny bootcut?

Levis do a version too, but I can't bring myself to spend that kind of ££ on jeans!

carrie74 Tue 07-May-13 19:11:01

I think a lot of it can be down to styling, and just how skinny is skinny. I find the so-skinny-they're-rippled look doesn't really look great on anyone, I think skinnies that skim the body look much better. It took me a long time to wear skinnies, and then I started with boots over the top until I got used to the idea. I still worry that with some footwear I look a bit like a golf club, but hopefully, not very often. I still have lots of tight boot cuts in the wardrobe, not consigned to history just yet, but waiting until fashion means I can style them back in (I find skinnies look better with floatier tops, but boot cuts are better with more fitted tops. A the moment, I'm finding more floaty tops than fitted that I like, so I'm wearing the skinnies).

mydaytocleanthefridge Tue 07-May-13 19:33:02

Toasted that was a very articulate moment!
Personally I think skinnies were designed by misogynists, but I love the language we use to describe them...I haven't heard 'golf club' before

itsnothingoriginal Tue 07-May-13 22:06:53

Oh you are so right Toasted... why oh why are we forced by clothes retailers into a few styles that some designer has decided is currently in regardless of height, age, size and shape. Utter madness!!

Personally I can't stand skinnies and prefer a slim cut myself but will be delighted when I can find jeans that actually look good on short, pear shapes!

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