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Oh wise ones of mn, I have a budget of £40

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NeedsTherapy Mon 06-May-13 10:18:07

And need a summer wardrobe.
I have 4 t-shirts and 1 skirt, everything else I own is more wintery stuff. What should I get and where should I go?

chanie44 Mon 06-May-13 11:00:35

You need another pair of bottoms, I'd go for denim shorts, but long ones that go over the knee.

Consider some chinos for when it's a bit chilly but warm.

A couple of smarter tops, something lightweight but a bit smarter than t-shirts.

A nice summer dress.

Shops h&m, new look, primary, peacocks as you'll get more or your money.

Hopefully Mon 06-May-13 11:07:13

Unless you go for ebay, stick with H&M/new look etc, as chanie says (I think H&M have the best quality for the price).

A pair of shorts, or another skirt, or a pair of cropped jeans, depending on which you'll wear the most, and perhaps a couple more tops. If you don't have a cardigan/sweater that is summer-appropraite, scratch the t-shirts and get a sweater.

LadySlatternlysHoover Mon 06-May-13 11:09:18

Check out supermarket clothing ranges. I've found basic T shirts from Tesco better quality and cheaper than H&M.

noddyholder Mon 06-May-13 11:09:41

Long denim shorts Please don't! grin get some cheap white skinnies from primark and some proper shorts. A couple of cheap vest for garden/park and a gipsy/embroidered type white top All do able for £40 in h and m and primark

Roshbegosh Mon 06-May-13 11:09:48

Uniqlo is good for t-shirts and well priced knits

novelsituation Mon 06-May-13 11:14:13

Dorothy Perkins have some great t- shirt maxi dresses £16 - £18 in plain dark colours / thin stripes.

You just chuck one on and have a complete outfit.

I'd also get some cotton trousers/chinos from h and m to wear with the t- shirts you do have.

NeedsTherapy Mon 06-May-13 11:17:50

thanks, I just saw another thread about peacocks so am having a good nosey.

I've spent the last 4 summer being pregnant or still carrying baby weight and suddenly its getting hot outside and i have nothing to wear!

I was thinking about getting a light weight jacket or cardigan and another skirt/shorts. I've got jeans for cooler weather.

novelsituation Mon 06-May-13 11:19:50

If you don't like maxis, this monochrome ikat dress is lovely. here They are about to have a 20% offer - from Thursday I think.

NeedsTherapy Mon 06-May-13 11:47:51

novel, that would look awful on me, as do maxi dresses, I'm just the wrong shape and size for them.

I've found a denim skirt, a couple of t-shirts and a shirt that come n at £25.60. I realised I also need a pair of sandles, so I thin its off to the supermarkets to find a pair of nicer flip flops and a cardigan type thing. big ask with whats left of the budget!

awaywego1 Tue 07-May-13 09:49:07

Charity shops are full of lovely stuff-seriously! I buy 90% all of my clothes there smile

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