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American vintage

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Barbie1 Sun 05-May-13 20:43:35

While wondering around Galeries Lafayette this weekend I came across this french brand and fell in love with it.

I need to replace most of my wardrobe and want to start by building up the 'basics'

My question is has anyone got any feed back on this brand?

I only have 5 weeks left in paris before we relocate and would hate to spend £££ if it really isn't very good quality and I end up showing more midriff than I intend too if they shrink like every other god damned t-shirt I buy

Corygal Sun 05-May-13 20:46:05

Yes I have a big cardi and a nice soft T-shirt. They were both pricy but have both lasted really well.

ArcticRoll Sun 05-May-13 20:47:31

I like their stuff but only buy it in sales -is it cheaper in France than in UK?

CHOOGIRL Sun 05-May-13 20:52:23

I have a few t-shirts. They are thin but good quality. Not very forgiving if put on the incorrect wash cycle so be careful. I also like Splendid which are £££ but last forever. J-crew vintage cotton also good ime

Barbie1 Sun 05-May-13 21:04:24

Yes cheaper here in France and much more of a varied range smile

choogirl they have a range of t shirts which the sales girl told me was designed to be layered and not wore alone, these tended to look very thin and not as good a quality as the proper t shirts.

I have ordered a j care t shirt to compare my am- vintage one too.

Sleepwhenidie Sun 05-May-13 21:07:03

The cotton is lovely but the long sleeved tops drive me mad because once you push the sleeves up once they go all baggy and creased, so I stick to the vest tops and t-shirts. No idea about knitwear etc.

Sleepwhenidie Sun 05-May-13 21:09:20

Oh, I also second Splendid as an alternative, along with Fine Collection and discounted/eBay T by Alexander Wang is fantastic.

santamarianovella Sun 05-May-13 22:01:14

They are good I have a long black top and I second what sleepsaid and a white short sleeve one that I love ,splendid is great too or try zadig and Voltaire, they do very nice basic tops,pricy but excellent .

Barbie1 Tue 07-May-13 08:15:39

Thanks ladies, in going to pick up a few more basics from this range and see how I get on.

I really is ££ cheaper here in France so it would be rude not to take advantage wink

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