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Help, need a quick fix facial pick me up, recommendations please

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Curranycake Sun 05-May-13 00:18:01

New to mumsnet, have been lurking for the past two months, this is my first post so hope you don't mind me posting here to start off.

Have a very important event next weekend, am 39 and feel I'm looking very washed out, lines appearing by the minute and I'm very conscious of the sagging starting to develop, does anyone know of a quick fix facial or treatment to give me a boost and help me feel fab on the day. Have only time to fit in one treatment this week. Thanx Ladies. (insert smiley face but don't know how lol)

Iwantmybed Sun 05-May-13 00:35:22

Use a facial exfoliating sponge in the morning with your face wash / soap. Only gently but it helps blood flow, reduces dry skin and helps rejuventaion. Plenty of cream in the morning and night. Lots of water and sleep and just a small touch of facial bronzer and shimmer cream gives a great illusion afterwards glowing skin.

Granard Sun 05-May-13 07:04:46

Hi curranycake, the Guinot hydradermie facials are great for brightening and toning the skin. Even after one, you'll notice a difference.

I had a REN facial yesterday at a fantastic salon in Leamington Spa and that was fab too. Skin is glowing today.

Best of luck

QuinnFabray Sun 05-May-13 08:56:29

For a quick "at home" fix, Alpha H liquid Gold is very good.

Curranycake Sun 05-May-13 22:25:30

Ladies, thank you all so much for replying, I will follow your advice I wantmybed, Definately need to drink a lot more water and sheet more sleep, I have the best of intentions of following a skin care routine but don't always do it. I wild check out those facials you mentioned Granard, they sound fab and could give me the boost I need. Quinnfabray, what is the liquid gold and where do I get it?

Will all these suggestions hopefully I will feel and look a million dollars..

Curranycake Sun 05-May-13 22:27:08

Oooooos..... Get more sleep, I meant

finlaysmum12 Sun 05-May-13 22:40:37

drink loads of water.

clean your skin by massaging in an oil (i use olive or almond) then putting a hot-as-you-can damp flannel over your face.
you will feel fab smile

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