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Comfy flat sandals for wide feet

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ButteryJam Sat 04-May-13 23:23:27


I'm looking for some comfy flat sandals for very wide feet. Any ideas as to what I should get? I'd prefer them to be black in colour.

Thanks for your help! smile

ExRatty Mon 06-May-13 20:03:22


those shoes are uglier even than the cornish pasty porn ones on the other thread

mrs2cats Mon 06-May-13 20:14:45

I like those SeaSalt sandals! Lovely!

I often shop from Shoetailor and they have wide fitting shoes and sandals:

New Look also do wide:

mrs2cats Mon 06-May-13 20:16:00

Doh - I meant Salt-water, not SeaSalt! blush

HappyAsEyeAm Mon 06-May-13 20:21:55

Breasticles, I have those m and s gladiator sandals in dark blue and brown. I have worn them all day today, and they have been really comfortable. I have E width feet, and bunions (nice combination!) and I have huuuuuuge problems buying shoes. I am limited to m and s footglove wide and ecco, so I was delighted to find these.

Fairylea Mon 06-May-13 20:28:50

From a cheaper end ...

Try yours, simply be and also pavers. They all do very wide fitting shoes smile

BreasticlesNTesticles Mon 06-May-13 22:50:17

They are amazing aren't they Happy

Look nice with casual dresses and skirts too

ButteryJam Mon 06-May-13 23:31:54

Thanks everyone! smile

the hush puppies look comfy but are a little pricey!

Why do all the wide fitting comfy ones look so mumsy? hmm

BreasticlesNTesticles Tue 07-May-13 08:24:34

there are loads on here?

StiffyByng Tue 07-May-13 08:32:33

I have wide feet and every pair of Moshulu sandals I have bought have been very comfortable.

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 07-May-13 09:09:53

Buttery, I came to the conclusion years ago (when I was about 25) that, for me, the priority with shoes was for them to be comfortable rather than look bang on trend. This is probably because the little strappy sandals and high heels were never ever comfortable for me, and I walk a great deal, so I had no choice really but to come to that conclusion. But it was the best decision I ever made. Now, with even wider feet AND the dreaded bunions, I know what I'm looking for. And whenever I see it, I buy it, in a few colours.

Which is why I have those gladiator m and s wide fitting footglove sandals in dark blue (very nice indeed) and brown. And I also have these, which are just as comfortable, in pink (trust me, they're a lot nicer in real life, a much more grown up shade o pink, if such a thing exists) m and s wide footglove pink sandals

I can't tell you how pleased I was, in March, to know that I would be comfortable in sandals all summer long. And I got 20% off and free delivery too.

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 07-May-13 09:13:29

Stiffy Loving the moshulu link, as yes, they do look comfortable. I may have found another choice above footglove and ecco! Is the sole padded in any way to cushion the sole of your foot? I find that so many shoes seem to have a hard sole which makes walking any distance painful for me ( I am very delicate, obviously!)

StiffyByng Tue 07-May-13 09:23:22

Yes, Happy, lots of them have padded soles. I share your needs! Hopefully the item description specifies which ones. Some are birki style soles too.

StiffyByng Tue 07-May-13 09:25:07

Also, as someone who usually can't cope with anything other than flats, their wedges are extremely comfortable. I can wear them all day without noticing.

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 07-May-13 10:27:39

Stiffy, I am really enamoured with the Moshulu shoes. I think they may be for me! I need a sandal that doesn't look too clumpy, with a strap around the ankle, and a pairly padded sole. I think Fairy Bell, Buttercup, Wild Rose or Moselle could be possibilities - do you by any chance have any of those?

StiffyByng Tue 07-May-13 15:50:12

I haven't bought any this year but the wedge heel on Buttercup is very similar to the comfortable ones I own.

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