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Please help spruce me up for family wedding

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SoulCakeDuck Sat 04-May-13 17:54:26

First ever post in style and beauty (consider myself neither stylish or beautiful!). I have a family wedding coming up in July and would like to look lovely, two months so time to put in some ground work!

I had my daughter in August and haven't bought myself an item of clothing or make up or shoes since then, have hidden in jeans, jumpers and boots all winter (still feels like wnter in Scotland so have gotten away thus far).

I'm a pretty comfortable size 12, smallish in the waist, bigger in the hip. Would like to loose a little weight but realistically not going to go down a dress size in that time. I have pale skin and medium brown hair that reaches halfway down my back. Not against a cut and colour but really not sure what to go for. Usually tied up in a scruffy bun so anything is an improvement.

Would like to achieve the effortlessly chic look but realise it isn't effortless! Would like to wear a skirt or dress (but might still be BF so skirt may be easier to feed in unless dress in wrap style). Willing to consider any colour or style but would prefer something that came to my knee as will be running round after 11 month old and don't want to flash any unsuspecting elderly realtives.

Other practicalities, reception is in a marquee so shoes can't be too high or pointy, unless I want to sink in. Also may need to layer for warmth as night goes on or if whether closes in.

Really just want a point in the right direction, where to look for inspiration, what shops are good. Budget could stretch to around £100 for outfit, not much I know but been on maternity pay for last 9 months and am only going back to work part time. Am 28, which shops should I be looking in? Was in H&M and New Look today and totally uninspired by everything and not sure what next step up is, it all just seemed very teenagery.

Oh and if anyone is interested in bra interviening, could do with a couple of nice nursing ones. Have just measured myself to be 31 and 37, currently commiting a travesty wearing a 36C from what I can gather. And new underwear always makes me feel better.

Thanks to anyone who has read this far (and even more thanks if you can help/take me by the hand to the nearest department store...). Happy to answer all questions, could try and post some photos if I can figure out how/if you think they will help!

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